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August 12, 2017 18:07

Make a dressing room from the pantry

Why do we need dressing?

2 Dressing of the closet - 1 photo

Over time, people have come up with the smallest room in the apartment of a more practical application.One such practical solutions is a remake of the pantry in a dressing room.So how do you convert a closet in his apartment in a stylish dressing, without the help of a professional?Very simple!Use the instructions below, which is based on practical advice of experienced craftsmen.

What is the dressing room?This is a special room for storing clothes, shoes and accessories.Plus this room is that thus living room is freed from bulky boxes and at the same time your belongings are always in order, and thanks to proper storage - will serve you many times longer.

2 Dressing of the closet - 2 Photos

Many, without dressing, replace them with built-in cupboards or niches that equip doors coupe.But those who have a home pantry lucky really, because it's a great chance to make it a "flavor" to your apartment.

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Turn your closet into a dressing

So, if you decided to say goodbye to the storage area and to g

et a cozy dressing room, carefully read this manual:

  • In order to proceed with the arrangement and alteration pantry must be cleaned of allold things.Next, evaluate the state of the ceiling, floors and walls.Remove the whitewash, and if necessary Poquelin wallpaper or paint the walls.It will store your clothes, so the dressing room should be clean and dry.
  • Rate the volume and quantity of their belongings, and on the basis of the data come up with a convenient storage system, which will consist of a number of different sized shelves, hooks and drawers.

2 Dressing of the closet photo 4

  • Mount structure to which in the future will be attached shelves and rods for clothes placement on the shoulder hangers.Fixed rods as follows: not less than 1.5 m in height and not less than 0.5 m from the wall.Depending on the size of wardrobe you can install these rods in several tiers.

2 Dressing of the closet photo 5

  • The next and final stage - the entrance to the dressing room.Stylish solution would be to replace the doors on a door-coupe, or "accordion", performed in the same range with the color of the walls in the room.And if you want to visually increase the room space, the door can and does not put.

Thus, we showed you how to quickly and easily you can transform yourself into an old storeroom cluttered dressing room.