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August 12, 2017 18:07

How do I calculate how much wallpaper you need in the room according to the formula .

How to calculate the rolls of wallpaper?

To know how to calculate how much wallpaper you need, you need to define a few parameters.Firstly, the width and length of the rolls.Secondly, the perimeter of the room.Today the market of finishing materials presented two types of wallpaper: with a width of 1 meter and 53 centimeters.the first length is 25 meters, the second - 10 meters.If we take into account the typical height of the ceilings, on the average, it is equal to 2 m 50 cm. That is the standard roll with a 10-meter long enough for about 3 bars.

further define the perimeter of the room to put all of this on his part.The resulting sum is divided by 0.53 (the width of the roll).Thus, we determine how many bands we need.This figure is divided by 3 (because 3 strips included in the roll).The resulting number is rounded, it is then necessary quantity.

To make it clear, give an example.Your room has a length and width of the walls - 5 and 6 meters.After adding all of the perimeter is 22 meters.Ceiling h

eight in your room, and the average is 2.5 meters.If you buy standard rolls with a length of 10 and a width of 0.53 meters, the 22: 0.53 3 = 13.84.Rounding this number to 14. The bottom line: you need 14 rolls.

It should also be aware that the implementation of the above calculation is made taking into account the adjustment pattern.And if you do not plan to combine the image (monochrome wallpaper), you can do so: 22: 0.53: 4 = 10.4.That is, it will take 11 rolls.

How to calculate the number Wallpaper: define

formula sum, you can define the general formula acting completely for all types of wallpaper. perimeter of the room: roll width: 3 or 4 (with or without adjusting the fitting image). The resulting figure is rounded.You might ask - how can that be the case, if not taken the standard width, for example, 1.06 m.

The answer is simple - follow the same formula.Calculate the amount of wallpaper on the room as follows: 22: 1.06: 3 = 6.9.This figure is rounded up to 7. Also, you may wonder - what about the space above the door, and under the window?After all, there has not spent the full length of the strip of wallpaper.In this case, you should know if the calculation is carried out by fitting the pattern, there will be leftovers from rolls.They and you can spend on a given space.

For fans of more precise figures will be as follows.First, as the formula is determined by the number of rolls in the room, without taking into account the given space (under the window and above the door).And then they were added on the right amount for these places.On this issue, how to calculate the wallpaper as accurately as possible, it should be exhausted.

few words about choosing the type of wallpaper

addition to the quantity, it is also important to choose the appropriate fabric material.So, that is well suited for the kitchen, will not always be suitable for a child's room.There are paper, vinyl, non-woven, bamboo, fabric, velor and other species.If you are looking to cover a bathroom, toilet, kitchen or hallway, you should buy a washable cover.

These wallpapers have to be thick enough (to avoid tearing of the mechanical effects).Suit or non-woven vinyl.

In that case, if you want to decorate the walls of the living room, bedroom or children's room, it is better to choose natural cover (paper, bamboo).However, there are some species that are made solely for decorative effect.In terms of operation, they did not benefit (fabric, velor).