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August 12, 2017 18:07

Remove the whitewash from the ceiling quickly and without too much dirt

Preparing for the rapid removal of whitewash

No matter how hard you try to completely avoid contamination when flushing whitewash will not succeed, so just try to minimize them.

For this purpose all the furniture as possible knock out of the room, to the same forward and carpets, and household appliances.Allowed to leave bulky items that do not obstruct the ceiling surface, but they have completely and without a gap cover with plastic wrap.It is best to secure the joints with tape glue to careless movement did not cause damage to furniture.

Sex is good to lay a paper or oilcloth, and optimally all overlap in several layers.

chandeliers and other lighting fixtures also have to be removed.Before proceeding with the removal of lime wash the ceiling, turn off the electricity, and if possible, remove all wires from washable surfaces.

protect from the harmful effects of lime should be not only the room, but also themselves - a chemical compound can be dried and burned skin, mucous membranes, the hair.Wo

rk is necessary to wear rubber gloves.Hair cover cap or a tight handkerchief, and clothing should cover the maximum area of ​​the body.Use a dust mask or, at worst, a gauze bandage, and eye protection with plastic construction points.

choosing clothes for the traditional ways of removing the whitewash from the ceiling, keep in mind that it would be unsuitable to wear in the future - not white spots will be output.
whitewash for washing clothes

How quickly remove whitewash from the ceiling: spatula

oldest and still the most popular way to remove lime layer from the ceiling - to clean it mechanically with a spatula.The process is very time-consuming, however, it is quite effective and, moreover, is well suited for rooms where a layer of whitewash from the ceiling close to record values.

We need:

  • proper spatula, or better, even more;
  • bucket of warm water;
  • stiff brush;
  • spray;
  • large rag or sponge.

small portion of the ceiling needs to be wetted with warm water and give it time (10-15 minutes) to soak.It's easy to make a sprayer, but the fit and sponge.Inspect the surface - if the layer of whitewash impressive, repeat the procedure several times.It is necessary that all the lime soaked with water - the only way she succumbs spatula.

Once whitewash swell and soften, by spatula to hook the whole layer of finish and scrape it.So you need to do this to the entire surface of the ceiling.

Removing whitewash spatula

Remains of lime blur with a stiff brush and remove with a damp sponge.

The fastest way to remove whitewash: sander

This process is much less time-consuming and lengthy than the previous one, but it has one serious drawback: a lot of dust.If major maintenance planned, and the furniture in the room is left - an ideal option to use a grinder (not a detergent such as Karcher, namely for the cleaning).

In this case, the respirator is required (gauze bandage clogged within a few seconds).Safety glasses, most adjacent to the face, too, will not be superfluous.

Grinder against whitewash

removing layers of whitewash sander sure to wear goggles and dust mask construction, and only then proceed to remove the lime layer.Good to hang doorway wet blanket on the part of the corridor - this will prevent dust to seep through the cracks.

After this procedure will require a grand cleaning, because no matter how cautious, dust will disperse quickly throughout the home, and other types of finishes - no paint or putty, or wallpaper - dust will not lay down well.

How quickly wash whitewash: solutions for the removal of lime with their hands

Whitewashing, which is often subjected to tests, plain warm water will not surrender.In the kitchen, where she absorbed the bold lime years pairs, or in the bathroom, which was exposed to a soap evaporation, to soften the thick layer of material help solutions.They can be made from funds available in every home, and work efficiency will increase significantly.

For this purpose, use an acid and a soap solution or paste.

Wash off whitewash homemade solutions

soap solution to wash whitewash

need to prepare in advance:

  • bucket of warm water;
  • half a piece of soap households;
  • five tablespoons of baking soda;
  • sponge or brush lush.

rub soap on a normal kitchen grater.

Attention!Facilities can be used for liquid soap or laundry detergent in his place, but experts say that soap effectively.

Dissolve soap flakes and baking soda in a bucket of water, and then used to impregnate the layer of lime.Whitewashing should gradually melt from multiple application, but it can hasten with a spatula.

Remove the soap solution whitewash

Paste against whitewashing the ceiling on

It is very clean removal option whitewash from the ceiling.It does not form sag trudnosmyvaemye and creates tremendous amounts of dust.The main thing - to cook a good solution for consistency, and the trick is done.

We need:

  • hot water;
  • wheat flour (or potato starch);
  • brush with thick soft pile;
  • spatula.

Calculate the right amount of ingredients: the consistency of paste must be highly dense and not very liquid.One liter of final solution will require two table spoons of flour (starch).

Water should be brought to the boil and then poured into a separate container a small amount of boiling water and stir until smooth with a starch or flour.Thereafter pour the remaining water and stir thoroughly.Must get watery jelly.


paste on the wall is easiest to put the volume with a soft brush, because it should be done very evenly.On how exactly impregnated layer of whitewash solution depends on the outcome.When the paste hardens and grab, he will tie the entire layer of lime in a solid crust that comes off easily with a spatula.

Acidic solutions washed whitewash

If all of the above methods do not seem to be sufficiently effective to you, you can use the following option.It is stipulated that the method is practically safe, it uses the very weak solutions, so you can not be afraid for their health if to observe the precautions described above.

We need:

  • concentrated acetic acid or hydrochloric acid (sold in pharmacies);
  • water;
  • brush;
  • spatula.

direct the solution so that the proportion of acid was 3% of the total weight.

Important!The tank is filled with water first, and only then - in order to avoid acid vapors.

known - it is one of the varieties of alkalis, and as we all remember from chemistry lessons neutralized acid.Our weak solutions are not completely remove the whitewash, but destroy its dense structure.Whitewashing soaking acidic solution begins to bubble, then it can easily be removed with a spatula.

After this flushing whitewash the surface better rinse again with clean water.

Acidic solutions of whitewash

Industrial solutions for a cleaning whitewash

If you do not have time and desire to direct the described solutions, you can take advantage of chemical industry products.They operate on the principle of paste that is linked all the layers of lime that after drying it was possible to take them off in one motion spatula.Additional convenience and bears a special structure of the solution, which lets you know that you can remove the glued whitewash color change.

Industrial solutions for removing whitewash

They can be purchased in DIY stores.Packaging is generally easy to use scale - 3-5 l.Popular Today products companies Stripper Speed, Space, etc. Kelid Dissukol.