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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose the profile for plastic windows ?

Species profiles

most common and the demand for it:
How to choose the profile for plastic windows ?

  • Framework.Must be located on the perimeter of the glass, is used for mounting the frame.
  • reinforcing.Components affect the strength, as a steel element and strengthens the entire structure as a whole.
  • casement.Used for opening the window elements - namely, the flaps.
  • Fillet.His task - to hold inside the insulating glass windows.
  • Slope.Used to trim and maintain the side portions.

How to choose the profile for plastic windows ?
should also be noted that the choice of window hardware also requires careful attention.This bracket, handle lock and unlock, and decorative details.
How to choose the profile for plastic windows ?

What company-maker to choose?

What profile to choose the plastic windows and, most importantly, what the manufacturer to trust?Below is a list of the most reputable companies that are not the first year in the market and constantly delight its customers.

  1. Windows eyelid.One of the most popular choices.These products are an ideal surface and white.Color is also resistant.The main feature of their profile - a
    reinforcement of the closed type.Very comfortable and good quality.
  2. How to choose the profile for plastic windows ?

  3. Windows Rehau.It is an elite manufacturer, distinguished by reliability and quality inherent in the German assembly.This brand if not the most well-known in the Russian market, then exactly one of them.
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  5. windows KBE.One of the first companies that has established itself as a popular manufacturer.It features low cost and good quality products.
  6. «Novotex".Suffice it simple and affordable to all windows.The company is one of the youngest in the market, but despite this, is confident in the lead.

What profile to choose plastic windows, on the basis of the above information?This question is more rhetorical, since buyers often and not think about it.However, if such a task is set, then the best one will be eyelid profiles.They are versatile, suitable for any room and will long serve.Their price is also acceptable, and so the choice is better to do it in their favor.

Since the window - is not only a user's profile, but also a lot of other components, then such an approach to the problem can not get a definite answer.It all depends on the client's requirements, budget, he is willing to spend, and the type of glazing.In addition, often have to perform individual selections of certain conditions (the gap in the wall, uneven slope and so on).All this must be considered when selecting a profile and windows in general.So make the right choice can only buyer, after consultation with experts.