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August 12, 2017 18:07

Handheld vacuum cleaner for home

advantages of mini vacuum cleaner

The advantages of mini vacuum cleaner

The advantages of mini vacuum cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaner for home and car has such advantages:

  1. Compact.For storage it requires little space, so it can easily fit in any box, being always accessible location.It can be used as a car.
  2. Efficiency.It does not require a long assembly and unwinding cords.There is always in working condition.
  3. Ease of application.It has small size, so that is able to penetrate and clean the most inaccessible places in the house and car.Easily gets to where ordinary stationary models do not have access.
  4. Lightweight.Due to the fact that the device has a fairly low weight, clean with it under force even to children, the elderly and persons with disabilities, usually do not have such an opportunity with the help of a full-size model.
  5. Low noise.When working practically creates noise, so you can remove them at any time.


Handheld vacuum cleaner for home, despite all its advantages, has several disadvantages:

  1. high enough price for the products;
  2. runs on batteries, so you always need to monitor their timely charging, a process which lasts an average of 14 hours;
  3. quickly heats up and cools down for a long time.

Handheld vacuum cleaner for the home: selection criteria

Handheld vacuum cleaner for the home: Selection Criteria

When choosing a mini vacuum cleaner for the house should consider the following factors:

  1. power products.It ranges from 250 to 500 watts.This index is indicated in the specifications of the device.Do not confuse the suction power and the power consumed by the motor.

model low-power (250-400 watts) suitable for cleaning lightly soiled surfaces smooth.If you plan to use a vacuum cleaner to clean up pet hair from carpets and long-haired like complex contamination, you should choose a powerful models (from 450 W).

  1. weight and size.
  2. battery capacity and the time required to fully charge it.The advantage would be the charge indicator on the housing.
  3. filtration systems.To filter using cloth and paper bags, catching dust.To date, the highest quality and modern filtration method is aquafiltering.
  4. noise level is directly dependent on the power.
  5. wet cleaning function.Cleaning model suitable for pet owners, and those who lay on the floor carpet, and people with dust allergies.Note that models with washing function, have a large value as compared with "dry".
  6. steam cleaner.Models with this feature are able not only to clean but also disinfect surfaces.Vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners are found only among the expensive professional models.
  7. nozzles.The availability and variety of attachments increases the functionality of the device and the quality of cleaning.The standard set of nozzle often includes a cleaning crevices and corners, as well as for cleaning clothes.Some models are an additional set of one or more brushes and turbo brush.
  8. manufacturers.From company depends on the quality and price of the product.The most common companies in the market of household appliances, hand-held vacuum cleaners are issuing: Karcher and Samsung.

In order to choose the good and inexpensive manual vacuum cleaner for the house, it is necessary to study the details and specifications of the models on the market of home appliances.Explore the reviews and ratings of compact models on the Internet.

Handheld vacuum cleaner for the home: Selection Criteria