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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to join corners of ceiling moldings : photo and video instruction

How to join corners of ceiling moldings

Attached ceiling moldings in finished form

mounting plinth may seem easy thing, but it is extremely difficult and requires great care.While newcomers are faced with numerous problems, the most common of them - the docking and cutting of dumbbells.

carrying out work on the docking slice and prepared the following tools:

  • stationery knife blade or metal (depending on the material of the baseboard material);
  • protractor;
  • line;
  • pencil;
  • miter box.

Mitre - is a carpenter's tool.It appears as a small tray that is made of plastic, wood or metal, and has several slots for miter cuts 45 and 90 degrees.There are other types, they are designed for more complex and professional work, but for ordinary repairs they do not need it.Such a device bought in any hardware store.

Mitre in working form

It is designed for trimming of dumbbells under the perfectly smooth corners, and if they are not established or tool for some reason is not available, you need the item will be trimmed by hand.To determine if you will need it to us or

not, we recommend using a goniometer.If they were crooked, before installing them baguette necessarily align with plaster or plasterboard.

Alignment angles

most difficult moment when interfacing is cut.The slightest mistake leads to a waste of materials.Dumbbells are mounted on the ceiling is not as usual, but a little different.Remember that cut them not only from the front side, but also on the outer edge.Easy to use foam material is considered.It is easy to cut and is not so brittle as compared to other materials, therefore, to work with it much easier.

How to cut a baguette with a miter box to cut

baguette applying miter box, fasten it to the tray so that it will be attached to the ceiling.Cut it along the guide groove.If it is wood, then cut into ordinary hacksaw.There is also a hacksaw, and to cut polystyrene or foam, use a simple office knife, but it must be very sharp, so that nothing is damaged.

How to cut a baguette without miter box

If Mitre in the house do not, you do own an analogue.Alternatively, draw a simple album pages.For this paper draw two line markings with a certain degree.Takeout they can be using a conventional school protractor.Enjoy stuslo own production as well as the purchased.You only have to put the product properly and cut off the excess part.

Just really make it your own hands three tablets, making it the slot, which can mark out a square or apprenticeship in the same protractor.

Simple secrets of a successful installation of baguette

When cutting should not make much effort, since crumbled foam, and wood - split.

elements dumbbells usually try on the wall, and if there are no gaps, and all tight, then the job is done correctly.

After plinth corners fastened recommended to record all subsequent parts, but before processing at their junction with sandpaper.We must remember that each dock must be without cracks and irregularities.

For those who do not want prodelyvat hard work, but is not ready to give up the apartment a decorative element, it is possible to use a special set of components, it covers the joint.It looks very original, and saves time and effort.

Decorative element closing the abutment

For a complete picture of the process interfacing ceiling moldings, view videos detailing the action.

How to make the inner corner of ceiling moldings

Inside corner is one that is not more than 180 degrees.These are the most frequently and has to be cut.Trimming edges baguette is generally carried out, miter box, but you can do without it.

If this happens with it, then you need to join before, we consider that the item concerning circumcision side of the instrument, is glued to the wall of the room, and relating to the bottom, attached to its ceiling.

recommended to freeze the angle between the walls of the room, and if he was right, the dumbbell is cut at an angle of 45 degrees.To realize the undercut, to start the desired item is set to miter box.Then cut off the edge.

Sophisticated use of ceiling moldings

If the walls were crooked, then the best option is to cut the plinth alone, you will need a ruler and stationery knife.To do this, fit to the wall two separate pieces and place a pencil mark the cut, then neatly cut.

The complex shape of the ceiling with angles of different sizes

To check the accuracy of the work done, the product to start trying on the wall, and only if it is truncated without any error it is attached, and if you still notice the irregularities, they are very easy to adjust using the stationery knife and thenalready mounted.

Usually if room corners are smooth, no problems should arise with them, but if not, then the minor flaws always eliminated, most importantly try well.

An illustrative example of the internal angle

How to make an angle of ceiling moldings

Inside corners are much more common than external.Usually they are not less than 180 degrees.Despite this, they did not dock complex.

To properly cut baguette first step is to draw a mark on it, for it adjusts it to the ceiling and a pencil mark the place where you plan to be cut.

Then put the product in a miter box at an angle of 45 degrees.When it is already placed there, his neatly trimmed.It should be remembered that if the part of the dumbbell, which is longer on the left side, and then cut off at its left designation, in the same way as the inner corner.Next cut off on the same plan and right.

When the ceiling frieze already circumcised, ensure that this is done without any error.To fold the two parts together, and only when they perfectly fit together, they can be attached to a wall.

When cutting Frieze should be kept exactly as when trimming curve gaps appear at the dock, and for this reason it is necessary to cut only a sharp blade.

An illustrative example of an external corner

How to make your own angles on the ceiling moldings without miter box

most actual method of cutting corners is to use dumbbells slusla, but it is used only if the room is perfectly flat.If the room is more than 20 years, then it is not so.Therefore, if used in this situation and cut the dumbbells at 45 degrees, the slit is formed, and subsequently it is almost impossible to hide.Cut the product without it being possible, using the means at hand.So, for you will need:

  • pencil;
  • line;
  • keenly sharpened knife or jigsaw.

to cut baguette bar without the use of special tools need to perform several steps.

Step 1. It is necessary to take one part of the strap and attach it to the wall in the same way as it will appear in the finished form.

An example of how to draw a first line

Step 2 pencil draws a line along the dumbbell itself and remove it.

Step 3.-drawn line adjusts the second part of the frieze at the point where it joins with the first.

An example of how to draw a second line

Step 4. Now we need exactly the same as in the first case, draw the pencil line.

Where is attached baguette element markup should get.

Markup Example , which should happen

Step 5. Should one of the two plinths again leaning against the markup and move it a point of contact of two lines.This line on the bar and will be the place to cut.Exactly the same should be done with the second.
An example of how to draw a line of cut

Step 6. When the cut-off is scheduled, they need to be cut.Cutting recommended fret, it easy to drive and has a high accuracy in the work.

Step 7. Ready-cut baguettes can be fastened to the wall.

An example of how to be attached plinth

To attached strap looked perfect, it is recommended to practice, to begin with, into small pieces, and only then do the final assembly.

Now that work on the installation of decorative moldings made, you can proceed to further processing, in particular to their painting.