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August 12, 2017 18:07

Bungalow with your own hands

main components cabins

Bungalow own hands must meet two simple requirements - small size and simplicity.After all, in fact it is a temporary home.
Bungalow with your own hands

  1. Foundation.It does not have to be deep and rarely applied in all such buildings.From it can and does refuse, using concrete blocks of the on level.
  2. Bungalow 2

  3. Paul.He may not be available at all, but it is recommended to build.floor level above the ground should be approximately 30 centimeters.It is best to carry it out of wood and warm.
  4. Bungalow 3

  5. walls.The choice of materials for walls large - is wood, brick, metal.Often used skeleton walling based on five pillars, and only then filled the remaining space.Much depends on the chosen material, however it is best to use a tree.It is easier and cheaper.You also need to do once one wall just above the other, to the roof to be not flat and pent.
  6. Bungalow 4

  7. roof.It is better to do without frills, the ideal would be a simple lean-to roof.After the erection of the wall can immediately start laying sheets.

Bungalow 5
These are the basic p

rinciples on which cabins will be built with their own hands.

Construction cabins

After analysis of the basic principles, you can go directly to the most responsible and time-consuming step - the erection of temporary housing.

  • The pad should be prepared.This will require the building level.Should be set concrete blocks, which should correspond to the size of the structure.After - can be carried out waterproofing.For this purpose the roofing material.
  • Bungalow with your own hands

  • next stage - a skeleton.It is mounted using the rack (vertical).
  • Bungalow 7

  • Now you can go to the top of the building.First, you need to solve the problem with the roof, and then later with the floor.It is necessary for a comfortable stay in cabins in winter and summer.So the first thing is insulated ceiling and walls.It is best to use mineral wool.
  • roof can be accomplished in a flat or sloping versions.On this occasion, no defined criteria, the main thing - it must be strong.The most common material for the roof acts metal or galvanized sheet.
  • Insulation for wall cladding.First, it is necessary to sheathe one side, and then perform the installation of lining, and only then go to the other side.If the cabins is planned only for the summer, it can be from the heater and did refuse.
  • doors and windows.Most often the choice falls on the metal door and strong lock as cabins are considered easy prey among the robbers.
  • Interior work the final stage of processing of plasterboard wall.They can pokleit wallpaper or leave as is.Also acceptable option of applying latex paints, however, before it should be finished to putty surface.

Bungalow 8
So cabins built with his own hands and is ready for operation.Do not forget to monitor it and keep in good condition.Then in the winter and in the summer of this structure will be a great substitute for the full house, while he was in the process of construction.Also cabins - this is a good choice for gardeners who do not want to spend money on a big house, as the country spends a bit of time.