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August 12, 2017 18:07

What qualities have wooden roofs ?Key features and principles of construction of

General information about wooden roofs

House roof made of wood can be used as an addition to the house, the execution of the log, timber or the like, but also commonly used in houses of brick, aerated concrete and other building materials.The choice of wood is argued by several factors:

  • The naturalness used building components, the absolute environmental construction;
  • long-term use of the roof (important is the correct approach to the care of the tree and its installation);
  • ability at low temperatures to retain heat the walls of the house;
  • wooden material Easy to use, handling, installation, repair;
  • ability of wooden roof structures to withstand heavy loads;
  • ease of handling and installation of wooden roof.Laying rays can be performed without additional attraction of a specialist, with his own hands.

The advantages of a wooden roof

Before using a wooden framework for a residential building should become familiar with its negative sides:

  • The naturalness of the material over time makes itself felt.Over the years, it be
    gins to deteriorate and become useless.This requires preventive measures in the form of wood treatments with special solutions and protective equipment.You can make a small roof repair, correcting destroyed part of a wooden house roof.
  • roof can be damaged by high humidity and spreading insects.It should be completely replaced.

Cons wooden structure

What you should know about the wooden roof?

There is a list of measures that can protect the roof from premature damage:

  1. view the arrangement of window openings and doorways
  2. Pay attention to the wooden frame.It is worth it to endure the full shrinkage
  3. Wooden roof shelter house has a challenge of climate change and to protect it from rain

Wooden roof requires special care

Remembering listed nuances, should be approached responsibly to the choice of the material of wood, roofing time.Professional advice is limited to compliance and properties of wood, the order of its shrinkage.
tree structure with a damp, moist, has shrunk to 10 percent ratio.Profile of timber - to 5 percent.Dry timber determined ratio of 3 percent.

Dry timber

Classification of forms of wooden roofs

form the roof determines the choice of wood, its ability to withstand the special weight load.

roof forms

formative principles can be considered:

  • level precipitation.The climate of the region.With a minimum amount of snowfall or rain roof slope is constructed with a small slope, and vice versa
  • material.wooden stand type.It also determines the shape and slope of the roof slope.
  • Construction type roof.The complexity of the design

Distinguish form:

  • Pent wood roofs
  • Smooth (flat)
  • Roof Gabled
  • With the presence of two stingrays
  • hip
  • poluvalmovaya
  • Hip
  • hipped.

Types of roofs

Considering the functional quality of the device wooden roof, it is worth noting:

  1. heat-resistance, heat insulation of the roof
  2. ability to build roof construction roof
  3. Quick ramp snow flows from the roof thanks to a special textured tree
  4. Correct wooden roof helpsgood outflow of rainwater
  5. Possibility to build long overhangs to prevent the ingress of moisture on the walls of the house
  6. Economy roof repairs in the event of damage to the surface

Roof different multifunctionality

What material should I choose?

Of course, the choice depends on your preferences, goals and the type of roof.Common options are:

  • Bitumen feedstock
  • Roller construction funds
  • Metal tiles Ceramic tile
  • Slate
  • Ondulin

Materials for roofing

It is important to pay attention to the strength and weight capacity of roof installations.Lightweight materials are used in weak structures rafters (Onduline, soft tile).
Not all materials have sound insulation (eg, corrugated sheet).This factor must take into account in considering "pie" of insulation and roofing.

Here are the main components of the roof required a special, close, attention:

  • roof slope variety of slopes;
  • Ridge elements - long protruding at an angle boards, fastening two slope roof and forming a triangular shape;
  • edge of the roof - the angular structure of the roof at the junction of roof sides;
  • Pediment - a segment of the roof that goes beyond the parameters of the wall (more than 20 cm);
  • Gutters design created for rainfall runoff;
  • pipe chimney channel.

The components of the roof