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August 12, 2017 18:07

Quality roof with his hands : Current recommendations from the professionals

Species classification roofs

Main before starting work - to determine the shape of the roof, the complexity of its installation, to develop an action plan to existing drawings.Consider several types of roofs:

  1. Pent roof.In its design, one above the other wall.Due to this, it is the roof slope.This low-cost view.It consumes the least amount of time and the building material.Used in the construction of non-residential premises: garage, barn, farm design.It has attic space.

    Pent roof and its features

  2. Gable roof with his hands is easy to build.It represents two rectangular design, connected by truss system.They create two gable surfaces.Parameters and angle of rays selected preferences.Gable roof is easy to be equipped with their own hands.May have attic contain the roof space.

    The roof with two slopes

  3. hipped roof.It has the most complicated structure.It has four triangles.Their peaks converge into one point of the roof.

    hipped roof

  4. roof with hips.It consists of skates, trapezoids and placed at the top of the triangular pediments.Hipped roof dormer is fa
    mous for its buildings, able to be used as a living room.
  5. Mnogoskatnaya roof, gable.Shut off this roof with his hands laborious.The device roof boards, the coating system have a lot of trunks, and various elements of the superstructure.

Sophisticated design, its form

roof roofing initial stage of their hands

choose the type of roof, you need to decide on the material.Construction of the roof means interconnected processes.Roofing tools have their weight class, have certain pressure on the truss system, under which specially mounted crate.Too heavy load of roofing material rafters reinforced support elements.

All components are put layers of the roof, they are called "roof pie".It includes:

  • rafters;
  • Crate;
  • insulation;
  • Soundproofing (very rare);
  • roof.

Features roofing pie

drawing, taking into account all the fine details (eg, additional strengthening) is in the initial stages of installation of the roof with his hands.

choice of material - one more point of the roof structure.Rafters recommended design of a coniferous tree, observing the rules: reduced moisture content of wood, smooth surface.Before using wood smeared with antiseptic (so the tree will last longer).
It should prepare in advance a set of tools and fasteners:

  • Screws;
  • Screws;
  • Nails;
  • Hammer;
  • Construction scissors for cutting roofing;
  • Mallet;
  • Measuring devices (tape, corner line);
  • Kerner;
  • marking for angles and elevations;
  • electric saw;
  • Drill required attachments;
  • Planer;
  • Screwdriver;
  • level for measuring flatness.

Proper installation of truss installation with their own hands

erection truss structure refers to the initial objectives.It consists of the elements:

  1. mauerlat
  2. Legs rafters
  3. ridge beam
  4. Struts
  5. Crate (base mount roof).

rafter system

is important to note: the rafters stacked several layers.It is necessary to firmly fix the rafters to avoid sagging or collapse of the roof.

Recommend first to construct reinforced concrete foundation at the top of the building structure.The function of the foundation - laying bricks firmly fix the wall and adjust the walls to the same height.The foundation must contain special rods with galvanized surface.They contribute to the tightly attached to the reinforced concrete mauerlat.Rods are matched in length mauerlat have a cross section 15/15 cm (permissible 20/20 centimeters).They play the role of a basis for truss installation.On the foundation laid plank waterproofing layer - roofing material (you can put several layers).
mauerlat fasteners made by myself with the help of bolts to the bars with galvanized nuts.

Type of material

Do not forget about the flat surface.Its measurement is level.

Note: If the structure of the roof with his hands is important to follow safety rules and follow a clear pattern drawing with all the details of the roof elements.With the arrangement

roof of the house are available on the video in the next tab: