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August 12, 2017 18:07

Recommendations : the block the house roof

Asset Accounting features a roof: as a block based on the objectives of the roof?

decision to close the roof on their own must comply with knowledge about the main features of the roof.They are as follows:

  1. protective function.The roof is designed for home shelter from external manifestations of nature (rainfall, strong winds, extreme temperatures)
  2. heat and sound insulation function.In addition to the walls of the roof provides shumonepronitsaemost home and ensures the safety of its heat.Closing the roof, should be laid layer of insulation to provide warmth and comfort of the internal space of the room.
  3. aesthetic function.Specialists of the construction sector have developed a perfect design roof, offering a variety of forms, style and accessories to the roof.Exterior mnogoskatnyh roof impresses with its complex structures.

The versatility of the roof

roofing system components: a block, taking into account all the components of

components roofing system commonly called roofing pie.

Roof pie

Its components are the follo


  1. base - crate.It fulfills one of the basic functions of the framework for the subsequent roof.It determines the type of coating material.Crate put solid or tenuous.Its structural component - timber, wooden board, planks, plywood vodonepropuskayuschaya.Crate can be done independently.To do this, follow the rules:
    • Two wooden boards attached to the ridge element (tight);
    • Fastening occurs boards with nails, their parameters - several times larger than the thickness of the timber;
    • crates length includes bevels, they are necessary to protect the walls and structure of the house foundation.

    device crates

  2. layer of insulation.He put on a crate.The main task - to keep warm at home, do not let the cold air blow into the room.Choosing insulation material, it is worth paying attention to its sensitivity to temperature changes, moisture resistance, and ability to secrete an unpleasant odor.The gap between the insulation layer and the crate should be 5 centimeters.Laps layer of insulation can be set to 5-7 centimeters.Careful attention to the corners of the crates.

    A layer of insulation

  3. The layer vapor barrier.It is used in the regeneration of the attic, the attic.As a vapor barrier is used IZOSPAN, yutafan.Often a layer placed in ordinary residential areas, adding moisture resistance of the roof.Overlap the vapor barrier - 5 centimeters.

    Laying a vapor barrier

  4. roofing material.Used as a protective element and a part of the exterior.Top quality coating - durability, reliability, high density, aesthetics.Popular materials include corrugated board, metal, slate.

    The roof of metal

roof system components and their installation method depends on the overlap of the roof, climate areas.Before the start of the roof is to consider all the nuances.If necessary to increase the number of layers.Equally important is the ventilation construction to eliminate the dampness in the roof space.

List of construction materials for covering roofs

First of all, the roof covering is protective.His choice should be based on reliability and durability.It is important to buy the material easy to mount, then it can be put on the roof surface without any professional assistance.There are a lot of funds for covering the roof with his hands.Their main difference is in the cost and colors.

different types of roof

consider some kinds of material for covering roofs:

  1. Metal tiles.It has not particularly inflated cost.Made of steel with a galvanized surface and polymer layer.production form - sheets.Use a simple roof design.Easy to use.You can use it to block the roof yourself.The main drawbacks - no insulation, but it tends to rust.
  2. sheeting.The cheapest when you buy.Manufactured from galvanized and polymer coated.Shape - leaf.It has similar disadvantages with metal tile.
  3. Ondulin.The second name - bitumen coating.Shape - leaf plate.It is made from recycled and compressed cellulose treated with bituminous solution.Its density and resistance increases due to the additional application to the surface resins and mineral components.Easy to handle.It has good soundproofing.It is sensitive to low temperatures.
  4. Tile bitumen.He has an inflated cost.tile structure is based on glass fiber with the addition of bitumen solution and deposited on the surface layer of small stones.Used during installation of complex roof constructions.It protects the house from the noise.Disadvantages - the tendency to discolor shingles, dear cost, energy consumption and long life of the roof slab.
  5. ceramic tile.Created from high quality and durable clay.The top layer consists of a glazed coating.Along with shingles has inflated pricing.Its advantages - the long-term operation, insulation, quality, high strength.Experts note in ceramic tiles much weight, complicating the process of its overlapping roofs.

Note: when selecting architectural coating material should take into account the ease and simplicity of its installation.Roofing work with easy-to-use material and save time in case of repair allow yourself to block the damaged area.

List of construction tools

Close the roof as possible, using a variety of tools:

  • Standard and figured hammers;
  • break-hammer;
  • Hacksaw;
  • tools for measuring angles, punch, compass, micrometer;
  • Sverlova device;
  • special knife used for cutting roofing (the layer of insulation, vapor barriers, metal and other materials).

Use only high quality tools

Depending on your preferences and the type of roof is chosen roofing material.Stopping the choice on a metal tile, it is important to prepare the following list of tools:

  1. Pincer clamps of different configurations to make the metal sheets of the required bend
  2. Construction scissors with sharp blades
  3. breakout hammer
  4. Files for finishing the cut
  5. Vice
  6. Anvil

is important to note: the process of overlapping roof - a very time-consuming and dangerous.It is worth all the safety rules to comply with.It is important to follow the state standards and building standards.If necessary, consult a specialist.

construction details, refer to the video in the next tab: