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August 12, 2017 18:07

Painting wooden door - a simple but important matter

better to paint?

Paint Selection - a process in which many make a mistake.It is not surprising, because it seems that so tough?But this deceptive simplicity is misleading and often sold material that is absolutely not suitable for the treatment of wood doors.To avoid this, let's look at how best to use the paint.The most common type of coloring material for doors is an alkyd enamel.It has such advantages: reasonable prices, a wide range of colors, durability and strength.The disadvantage is a pungent smell, which lasts a couple of days.It is better to produce a painting on the street.

Note!If the stain is performed indoors, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation.

If pungent smell is a serious problem, you can use acrylic paint.This material has a large number of different colors and with virtually no odor exudes.The formed layer has insufficient strength, so it is still necessary to be additionally varnish.Also a sufficiently high value of ink, and only a matte surface is obtained.

doors lacquer Processing

painting doors wood varnish is considered the most reliable and durable option.The decorative layer is obtained durable and strong, so lacquer costs and a more complicated process of applying justify themselves.The problem is that when spraying in a house or apartment should not people reside.This is due to the fact that the solution is very toxic and can cause allergic reactions, so a few days out of the room you need to go.

To paint varnish is necessary to clean the entire surface, and all the chips, cracks and defects repaired wood putty.If you have an old coat of paint or varnish, it must be washed with solvent, and the remnants sanded with sandpaper.If the doors have windows, they must be removed or glue mounting tape.The best option is considered to be covering in three layers: primer, sub-base, the upper facing layer.To avoid stains, paint small sections, starting at the top left corner.

Tip!For painting "awkward" places use a narrow brush filenochnuyu.

Painting wooden door Painting

simple paint like a lacquer.Make the same preparatory steps:

  • door trimmed;
  • soil;
  • shpatljujut all defects.

For greater convenience, better to remove the door and put on the floor or table.This is to avoid stains.First applied to the base layer.After it has dried the surface is cleaned with sandpaper fine grain.This is done in order to be a better adhesion between the layers.

After this second layer is applied.Do not wait until it dries, terka- taken a special "comb" (it can be purchased at any hardware store) and a circular motion overwritten surface.The point is that this procedure takes a little upper layer imitating wood structure.If you do not need an imitation wood patterns, we can do it again.After that, the door is left to dry.How much time it will take, you need to read on the package out of the paint.This work has been completed.

Tip!Check out the terms of use of the selected paint you are recommended by the manufacturer.