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August 12, 2017 18:07

Plaster slopes with their own hands - to learn technique

Plaster slopes with their own hands: Tools and materials

As in any other work, slopes plaster finish made with certain materials.To prepare the mixture of plaster do not need to save cement to further cover has fallen off.Exemplary proportions 1: 3 (1 part cement, 3 of sand).Sand is better to use washed, the river, with a minimum content of clay.

When decorating indoors is best to use a mixture with a number of alabaster.Its content will facilitate the work with plaster the upper slopes.This is especially important when the bridge across the curves.Therefore, there is a big important thickness of the coating, which can not be held in such places.Often these moments are used special masonry grid.From the Tools required:

  • level is not too long (about 1 meter).
  • separate container for mortar and water.
  • spatula, measuring about 5 centimeters.
  • Roulette.
  • Pencil.
  • aluminum rule.
  • Malka - plywood or metal.
  • Trowel.
  • Hammer-kirochka.

If the plaster exterior slopes will be Rotband, it is useful still sm

all and large ironing board.If the solution is applied on the basis of cement, the poluterok and grater.


Before carried plaster slopes of windows and doors, it is important to conduct proper training.Sill better mounted prior to a paint finish.Later, it will not plug the gap between the side slopes.But the need to protect it and the window layer of polyethylene from getting a solution.Paint, old plaster and other impurities are removed from the base.Excess foam and cut with a knife.

surface primer for better adhesion.Moreover, the primer is selected under the base (concrete, brick, drywall).Then spend a vapor barrier.On the foam side (inside wall) is applied silicone sealant or sealed with its special insulation film. This vapor barrier is necessary to do just as the seal on the inside due to condensation can lose their properties and even collapse.The result of all this will be fogging the windows and drafts of frames.

plaster slopes doors and windows, master the technology

To understand how to make plaster window slopes, consider it a small example external plaster slope.In the frame of the window (or door box) mark marker thickness of the slope.Next, set the beacon, and the mixture throws equal to the width of the thickness of the slopes.Horizontally on the top of a rule or hang rail, which is attached with nails or a mixture.Further mounted rack side.It uses a plumb.

sprinkles a mixture of plaster and aligned spreader.After 10-15 minutes, gently sdvgayut rail side.Nails previously removed.In the last stage output angle.Apply for this grater and poluterok or 2 trowel.A spreader is pressed against one plane angle, and the second solution is applied and obscure all the bumps on the second plane.If you get some irregularities, they are easy to neutralize and pre-smoothed with a brush dipped in water.

Best of all, this process is shown in a special video.Plastering slopes, video tutorials on which application presented on many websites will help you to quickly and accurately carry out the work.While most of the information in these materials there and repair the plaster of slopes.

Recommendations! All work done at an air temperature of + 10 ° C 5 .Many people ask the question - how the plaster dries, and what does it depend?It depends it is just the same temperature and humidity.If the temperature is above that, then the drying process will take place much faster (typically several hours).