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August 12, 2017 18:07

Brief description of the cornice and its devices .Filing the eaves of the roof : the principles of easy installation with their own hands

Definition: cornice what is it?Referring to the dictionary

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Cornice - a protruding part in the structure of the premises, buildings, interior elements.In the construction industry corresponds to the definition of the eaves of the roof surface that extends beyond the foundations of the walls.The main function of the eaves of the roof - to help protect the walls from the damaging effects of wind flow and moisture precipitation.Strengthening and eaves finishing is performed in the final stages of repair.The edge of the roof, eaves, stitched around the perimeter.There are different types of overhangs, have their principles finishes.Consider the order.

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What is needed for filing the cornice (eaves) with his own hands?

Beginning any repair starts with the selection of suitable tools.Taking into account the views of the eaves of the roof (pitched, roof, insulated), made a careful selection of tools and materials.

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Repair eaves of the roof requires the following building materials and tools


  • main thing - the stairs, having an appropriate height for filing eaves
  • Drill
  • Sawing
  • Roulette,
  • screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Nails
    Filing eave will have high quality results in the presence of certain conditions:
  1. clear informativenes in question in the device of the cornice and the principles of its installation
  2. experience in
  3. construction work having a complete set of tools and supporting materials
  4. Knowledge of safety

Next list of building materials (the choice depends on the type of the cornice and its structure schema):

  1. Tree:

- lastikovaya board

- wall paneling

- Edged board

  1. Plastic, metal:


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note!Each material has its own characteristics, it is important to take care of ventilation and at the same time sealing the eaves.

cornice mounting materials Principles of wood

Installation overhang is built on the principles of incremental:

  1. begin filing roof is insulated walls.It is important to sheathe the walls completely, without unpleasant gaps, leading to moisture pass.
  2. special attention to the installation of rafters.Their edges should be trimmed and mounted parallel to the walls of the house and perpendicular to the ground.On all sides of the distance should be uniform on the building walls.
  3. can start fixing hem material to the bottom of the cornice.It is more convenient to do this by using a construction ladder or stepladder.
  4. Filing the eaves of the roof with his hands involves the use of materials of different parameters.Great edged board with a thickness of 10-20 mm.It is important to treat plaque before the sheet set water-repellent agents.After mounting - Apply antiseptic solution.

details on video in the next tab:

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are the following mounting options Binder made of wood:

  1. mount on the bottom of the rafters, parallel to the surface of the roof
  2. Mounting on wooden frame, one part of which is located vertically onwall of the building, and the other - the level of the cut rafters, parallel to the ground.Constructing such a way to form a carrier structure, base binder.Mounting boards should have a distance of 0.1-0.2 cm (providing air passage).Laying boards is carried out on the principle of chess.

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Importantly: roofing material joint space should be secured on the corner rafters with the specified initial angular tilt.

acquainted with the principles of filing the roof eaves soffits possible, watching the video in the next tab