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August 12, 2017 18:07

Eaves : definition, types , functions , rules of installation

Characteristic features of the building eaves

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The main function of the eaves - a protective and decorative.Side overhangs protrude from the wall by 50 cm, saved the facade from external influences.

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Front - 1 m. The projection of the cornice height is determined by the space and foundation thickness.

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The final completion of the structure of the roof overhang is mounting.The ends of the beams connect a small number of wooden bars, which covers negligent roof edge - his protruding false materials.A necessary condition is considered arrangement of the ventilation system.And the ledge plays an important role, especially when planning the attic as attic.The ventilation system must be equipped with protective netting to avoid falling into the eaves of additional pollution.

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finishing eaves of the building: materials

To finish the overhangs using the following materials:

  • Metal
  • Spotlights
  • Molded
  • Board

applied a huge amount of material for covering the eaves of th

e roof.A common option is considered board.Its parameters can have different indicators, the only thing - the thickness should correspond to the data of 17-22 millimeters.Fit board from:

  • Larch Spruce Pine

main condition - the lack of moisture in the wood, its absolute dryness (preferably in front of the construction site to handle special water-repellent solution).

is popular steel rails with the parameters of an average of 0.7 millimeters of metal perforated plate, aluminum overhangs with stainless base.No exception - copper eaves of the roof.

Separate words deserve spotlights.The advantages are considered their aesthetic appearance, no problems with ventilation, a small amount of energy consumption for space heating.

important to note!Soffits give the building is not only the beauty and aesthetics, they are made from environmentally friendly materials.Easy to install.Rationality in use.Cornice made of spotlights, very easy to install by hand.

Often several types of spotlights:

  1. solid or perforated punch
  2. with central perforation

Their composition can include vinyl.There are further aluminum, steel, copper.

Word on the eaves of the building sofitovyh

soffits deservedly enjoyed its popularity.Their advantages - the plainness of installation, ease the ability to install their own hands.Their application begins with the installation of lathing, located parallel to the wall of a building on the grounds of the eaves of the roof.The spacing strips - about half a meter.Wall profile must have F- or J-shaped profile having a slot value and accommodating a single strip of the soffit of the cornice of the building.The second side is secured with screws and an L-shaped profile (head-mount that protects from the wind).

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video views in the next tab, you will get a clearer idea about how to install a roof soffits

Note!Fixing the cornice of the building can be carried out not only with their own hands at any time of the year.It does not affect the welfare of the roofing system.

mount spotlights through certain holes are at an oblique angle.Right angle affects the state of the eaves soffit depending on the weather.Installation is carried out through the eaves instruments:

  • knife
  • scissors, cutting metal,
  • saw-compasses

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Using every tool you need to know the rules of operation.A knife is not recommended to wield through (just a couple of times to bend and unbend plate soffit).Cutting teeth compass should be turned to him.And by using scissors to cut soffit not need the whole length of the blades.

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