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August 12, 2017 18:07

Basement Ventilation - create the conditions for storage of products

basement ventilation device - just the complex

Already in the design of the building should consider the question of the basement ventilation, make the necessary calculations, based on the fact that the ventilation should be equal to one volume of the basement in an hour.The question is actually more serious than it may seem at first glance.basement ventilation device is not complicated and can be done one of two ways: natural ventilation and natural and forced.

Natural ventilation of the basement of a private house is due to the difference in temperature inside and outside the cellar.Construction of it comes down to laying two pipes:

  • exhaust pipe extends vertically along the corner of the basement, the lower end thereof is located at a height of about 150 cm above the level of the basement floor, and the upper stands 50 cm above the ridge of the roof of the building.
  • plenum pipe laid in the opposite corner, and one end must be above the floor of the basement at a height of 45-65 cm and the other
    passing through the slab is discharged through the wall of the building at a height of 100 cm above the floor.

It should be noted that the ventilation of basements can be significantly improved by the additional thrust in the chimney, which appears when the pipes are located next to a warm chimney.

Natural basement ventilation system

basement ventilation system provides equipment pipe valves, which allow you to adjust the air flow rate or at all to block it in the bitter cold.To avoid condensation pipes should be insulated by any insulating material.

easiest way to do this is by placing them in a wider tube diameter and space to fill, such as mineral wool.

When the equipment of natural ventilation for optimum air flow should perform the calculation of the basement ventilation, which in its most basic form boils down to the definition of pipe diameter.In one square meter of the floor must be 26 cm 2 section of the pipe.Knowing this, based on the school mathematics course, there is no difficulty to determine the diameter of the pipe.

For example, when a floor area of ​​8 m2 diameters should be equal to 16 cm. Basement ventilation circuit works naturally only if the difference between the inside and outside temperatures.Air movement stops completely when the temperature approximately equal.

create forced ventilation

In case of failure of natural ventilation to the aid of forced ventilation of the basement, where the hood is not made at the expense of the natural environment, and by the built-in exhaust fan pipe.More precisely, we have just mentioned the topic, how to make the ventilation in the basement of the combination, ieadequate ventilation, which will be included as a compulsory only as needed, and the rest of the time will work as a natural.

fully make ventilation can be forced by setting and exhaust and supply air fans.But for this it is necessary to perform fairly complex calculations to harmonize their capacity and determination of pipe diameters.Pipes with the ventilation equipment can be used any: asbestos cement, plastic, metal or a special air ducts.

There are several proven methods to increase ventilation intensity:

  • extension of the exhaust pipe;
  • increase in diameter of both tubes;
  • location on pipes as far away from each other.