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Utility And The Host. Room

August 12, 2017 18:07

Do I need to plot a separate house with an attic and a garage ?

house with attic and garage

When it comes to the attic, typical projects are usually swept aside, everyone wants something her, unusual, not like at all.And so the house turns into a terraced tower, garden paths stretch longer under pergola with climbing plants, and a very real covered arched galleries, and acquires an additional garage floor, and residential.The latest idea, by the way, is not new.If you often come to visit, they want to own a little bit of space, and a separate small house with a loft and garage "in one bottle" arrived provide a convenient area for privacy.

Well, so in bad weather guests do not have to run across your home to sit together with the hosts in a common dining room, construction can be joined by the very galleries above the tracks or even hide under the canopy courtyard between buildings.However, as it is outside, minor matters, we more important is what's inside.By itself, the garage can be a standard, but if you plan to top insulated living room, boiler room need, whi

ch should also be positioned on the ground floor, next to the garage.There may also be features pantry and a separate vestibule with stairs to the second floor, the layout of which can be done at your discretion.

How to build a garage with attic?

course, it starts with the foundation, which should be made to the great load (depending on the number of parking spaces).Even for a garage for 3 cars it is not necessary to dig a pit, enough reinforced strip foundation with flooded over dvadtsatisantimetrovym monolithic concrete layer. thickness of the trenches for the foundation must be at least 20 centimeters across the depth, which is about 150 centimeters .

When it hardens, start putting the walls, they can be made of bricks or other building blocks, for example - aggregate concrete.Silicate - not the best option because of the high density and their thermal conductivity is high, which means that the room will be cold.You can make a frame and a garage with a loft, with his own hands, perhaps even this option is simpler, but the brick is still reliable.

strip foundation depth should be below the frost level in view of sand cushion.

Building, of course, to a predefined plan, however, it should be noted that the mere garage - a large room for car parking.But transport service is required, what is required to make a hole and conducts electricity, which require the presence of many tools.It is useful to be, and other communications, including - water.

So, all the necessary auxiliary facilities are provided, it is worth thinking about how to go to them, not only from the street, because during the rain popping up in the open air will bring a little pleasure.We connect all the rooms of the ground floor corridor, including the vestibule and staircase, located at the opposite end from the garage construction.Do not forget about the bridge over the gate, it should form a formwork and pour over long before the thinking laid overlap.

Equips two-level house with an attic and a garage

Before proceeding to the construction of the second level (garage floor considered difficult, so he will have the first level), look at the ceiling.It is important that it does not let in the exhaust gases into the living room, so it is desirable to make it a monolithic and for ease - of reinforced foamed concrete.However, if the only available option - hollow core slabs, try to eliminate the gap.Then go straight to the roof, but can do little external walls, waist-adult.

Building garage with attic count so that bathroom upstairs comes just at the point where the bottom is water, so you will avoid unnecessary bends communications and extension.Toilet can be made as above, so below, it is more justified to extend the sewer. should not only insulate the roof, and a floor on the second floor because the garage is often a long time to stay open .In general, if done correctly, a house with an attic and a garage may be a cozy nest, not only for visitors but also for you, when he wants to be alone.