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August 12, 2017 18:07

Building a cellar under the house , to eat fresh fruit all year round

device cellars under the house - the requirements for the site for the construction of

new interest in the construction of cellars due to the need of qualitative storage of agricultural production.The cellar is securely hosted, with the correct waterproofing and ventilation, supported by the constancy of temperature and humidity conditions.

This creates the best conditions for storing food for a long time, without impairing their properties (shrinkage, loss of taste or smell).Basic design modifications can be presented in three forms: underground (buried completely), half buried, land (vegetable storage shed).The decisive condition for determining a modification, are indicators of the hydrogeology of the proposed construction site.

One of the basic rules for selecting a device to dry the cellar elevated location, it provides the most simple waterproofing.And indeed the waterproofing obtained in this case, reliability and durability.It is advisable, before making a cellar under the house, to know the

level of groundwater.It is essential that it does not reach to the base (bottom) of the future cellar for at least half a meter.

This mark is easier to identify in the spring.Typically, at this time, he highest.If the spring is not able to determine, it is possible to conduct such studies in the period of the autumn rains.The high accuracy of the result can be obtained by the level of water in nearby wells, wells, etc.

In the case of low-lying location of the future cellar or high waterlogged made of sand-gravel cushion for base isolation from groundwater.

How to build a cellar under the house - training pit

cellar under the house with his hands or under the outbuildings, in particular, summer kitchens, workshops are very useful in the garden in terms of operation and the occupied space.In addition, such designs may have access hatches (or door) of the space not only buildings but also on the outside.Planned at the design stage begins with a cellar pit.Its dimensions on each side of not less than sixty centimeters more than the size of the cellar.

Such measures are necessary to provide a convenient implementation of the waterproofing, stone, concrete work.The device pit larger than this will lead to an unjustified increase in the volume of dredged material with the complexity of filling cavities.Detach the pit at the borders and to align it better to the wall by hand.Needless to destroy undesirable soil.

After preparing the pit trimmed its base.Top poured gravel or brick battle, at the rate of one hundred kilograms of rubble at the base of a square meter.After leveling layer of compacted, then poured hot bitumen at the rate of five kilograms per square meter.These steps will help to eliminate the capillary permeability of the gravel pad.

cellar under the house with his own hands - stages of

device cellars under the house requires solid walls made of solid concrete.Depending on the thickness of the walls of the project may vary, but at least twenty or thirty centimeters.Before concreting is formed by a frame made of a steel rod or wire.Typically, these walls is performed at the same time the role of the foundation (some part of) the house or outbuildings for various purposes.

Monolithic concrete after removing the formwork necessarily plastered solution of cement and sand (in the ratio 1: 2) on both sides.Smoothing steel trowel and "Iron."The plaster should not be less than two centimeters thick.On the outer surface produced waterproofing roofing sheets, pasted on a double layer of bitumen mastic with the mandatory overlap overlapping sheets.

cellar ceilings are subject to common house project.It can be slabs, etc. sure quality is arranged ventilation cellar room.On the ceiling is necessary to provide a layer of insulation. On top of it, and the walls serving as the cap is also placed in two waterproofing layer.When filling cavities in the trench outside the walls of the cellar, it is desirable to provide a special device clay castle, closes the top of the blind area.

When the device of concrete walls, foundation, floors need to pay attention to the density of the concrete.As you know, the water resistance affects the ratio of water and cement.The device can not be concrete without gravel.For a qualitative result the amount of gravel shall not exceed the amount of sand is greater than twice.This granite gravel limestone preferable.The amount of water should not be excessive.Packing of concrete must be carried out in one step, without interruptions, i.e.timbering better to build entirely on the workload.