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August 12, 2017 18:07

Insulation of garage doors and other car storing secrets

Warming garage - why is it necessary?

As a rule, we have decided to acquire metal garages.They have a lot of pros and cons.The most significant drawback - the lack of any insulation.This has a negative impact on transport, which is stored there.If your garage is cold, meaning to keep it your car?

In the garage as cold as outside, the same damp, in general, your vehicle is kept in very harsh environments, which leads to accelerated wear of absolutely all components and assemblies of your iron horse.You want to keep your car - do insulation garage.

Choosing a method of warming the metal garage

Deciding on the insulation of metal garage should know about all the ways and choose the best.Nowadays, almost all garage insulated than they can.Some completely blown mounting foam, second sheathe his cardboard.All of these approaches are quite simple, but not very effective.These materials are often toxic, easy to light, easy to swell in cloudy weather.

can consider many options, but the best and easiest

to foam insulation garage.This method is quite easy and does not require large financial costs, and most importantly - insulation can be made with your own hands.In general, some pluses and nothing more.

Preparing for insulation garage

After all the thinking and fundraising, you have to make a small preparatory work and acquire tools .To make insulation of the garage with his hands, you need to put it in perfect order.To do this, knock out all the details, tools, shelves and other things.

When you want to check for the presence of metal holes and repaired them, it is desirable to make the fresh sheets of metal.Also prepare building knife, a saw (hacksaw), assembly foam (one large canister).Do not forget to purchase a minimum foam thickness of 50 mm (70 or better), putty for foam, several medium-sized brush, trowel and liquid nails, which are able to glue the foam to iron.It will advise you on the market.

Warming garage with his hands - start

transferred directly to the garage.Extract the foam and liquid nails.Apply the past on the entire surface with a thin layer of foam and pressed against the wall.In this way paste all the side walls top and bottom.The main cut foam as accurately as possible, so that there are no gaps.Those places where the gaps are the place to be, gently blow out with foam, and cut off the excess.Insulate walls, roof insulation Do the garage.This is done in the same way as in the case with the walls, but pour liquid nails 20% more.

Do not forget gate insulation garage.As usual, it most slots, which means that all of your work go to pieces if you do not insulated.Sami gates paste as well as the walls.The junction, which separates the two halves of the gate, tightly blow out with foam.This is done on the entire perimeter of the gate.

Do not be afraid, you select, it just gives tightness.With the construction of the knife gently make cuts in places where open sash.The result is a fairly airtight and warm design.

Insulation of garage door is important to do the conscience, which means that space with slots you need to blow a second time, but to get the hood, which covers the very same slot.At the same time we try to do everything so that you do not accidentally blow out slot.It turns out a kind of wave cut.Now your garage insulated.Do not forget all the putty primer and record everything that is rendered.