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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make the ventilation in the garage with his hands.

How can I make the ventilation in the garage?

There are three ways to ensure that the car "breath of fresh air."But before moving on to their characteristics, learn how to be a powerful air flow for safe stay of a car and driver in a closed room.

This minimum figure prescribed in the SNP - the main table "book" for all architects and builders.Here is an excerpt from the rules relating to avtodomika: "garage ventilation system is calculated so as to ensure a constant flow of fresh air in a volume of 180 liters per hour."

It should be noted that the rate is valid only in the post-abroad requirement for air exchange in the garages is much higher (360 l / h).In this regard, the majority of motorists are guided precisely to the foreign benchmark, considering it a more reliable and secure.

And now proceed directly to the methods of organizing the garage "wind" power required.ventilation device in the garage is:

  • Natural. It is built on the principle of the natural occurrence of air flow through the t
    emperature difference between indoor spaces and the outdoors.
  • combined.This garage ventilation system works on the principle of forced extraction of exhaust air from the room and its natural inflow of fresh portions of the street.
  • Mechanical. In this case, for the exchange of air in the premises meet the special devices (monoblock unit) that forcibly sucked fresh and throw out the dirty air.

How to make the ventilation in the garage?It all depends on your financial capabilities.Perfect in every sense of the mechanical system will cost at least $ 1200 (per unit monobloc pull in $ 2000).Yes, and install expensive equipment to be a specialist.If you want to do everything with your hands, choose a natural or a combination of the garage ventilation system.We explain below how to do it.

Catch "breeze": natural ventilation in the garage with his hands

Ventilation in the garage with a basement and attic This is the cheapest and most affordable way to organize air indoors.Already during the construction of the garage of the box there should be two holes in the walls for ventilation of the scheme:

  1. the supply : the hole is located near the floor (at a minimum height of 10 cm).Extending through outlet tube is raised further above the ground (30 cm), and the end is closed and the mesh cone roof.
  2. Exhaust : hole is in the ceiling (10 cm below).Outlet tube rises above the roof (50 cm) and also protected from rain, insects, small cap and mesh.

For proper operation of the scheme of natural ventilation garage is necessary to exhaust and supply holes positioned diagonally on opposite walls of the room.Now, let the diameter calculation of the input and outlet channels of the system.For garage use this ratio:

15 mm diameter of the duct = 1 m2 garage

For example, you have a standard garage 6 m × 4 m Its area - 24 m2..Hence, the diameter of the duct installed in the premises - 360 mm (ie, 24 × 15 mm).

Indeed, the scheme is quite simple and does not require any alterations of capital in the garage.Car owner acquires a set of pipes, according to the formula checks the diameter of the holes already provided in the construction of buildings.Often just settling cellar and ventilation in the garage, where vegetables and pickles stored in the winter.

But, keep in mind that cheap - does not always beneficial.This raises the same problems as in the natural ventilation in a private home: no temperature difference - there is no fresh air.That is, in areas with a warm climate period of inactivity of the scheme can reach 7-8 months!

trudnoispolnimoe Another condition for such a technical room, a garage - the height difference between the supply and exhaust channels must be a minimum of 3 m only in this case the wind flow will work to the maximum..Do not forget to set zatvorki on supply and exhaust openings and properly insulate the pipe outlet."Doors" will help to regulate the force of the flow of air in the winter.

scolding "wind": a combination of supply and exhaust ventilation system for garages

This scheme in its structure similar to the previous.Indoors provide two holes: one - for fresh (from the floor), the other - for exhaust air (from the ceiling).Only here there is no strict depending on the location of the holes.They may even be placed on one wall and at the same level.The only thing to remember - the input and output channels can not be placed against each other, otherwise the air "chain" will be closed, and a fresh breeze does not get into the room.

Forced ventilation Home "chip" combination regimens - forced exhaust ventilation in the garages through excretory channels built into the special fans.In contrast to the natural method, this method works on the principle of air pressurization: exhaust gas is forcibly expelled from the premises, and a seat breaks fresh air.By the same principle settling ventilation garage basement, where, thanks to the constant blowing long kept fresh vegetables.

combined ventilation scheme is a year-round, exhaust fan consumes very little power (100 watts) and is set in a carefully insulated duct.There are special models of devices that provide quiet operation and minimal heat loss in winter.

Forced exhaust ventilation in garages and cellars - the best option in terms of price / quality.Calculation of channel width conducted by analogy with the natural arrangement of the method, but in terms of servicing the system requires constant validation of the fan.Alternatively, you can set it to automatically switch off.