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August 12, 2017 18:07

The ceiling of the siding - practical advice for easy installation

General concepts on the ceiling of the siding

As already noted, the siding is mainly used for outdoor decorating.It was from there he came into the premises.The most popular material for interior decoration is considered vinyl siding.It is similar in texture to conventional cladding boards.But unlike her serve such material is 10-15 years longer, without losing the original gloss.

Due to its characteristics, siding perfect for decorating indoors, which have a high degree of humidity, which, for example, drywall simply not be able to maintain its structure.In addition, it presented the finishing material perfectly fit into the interior of your corridor.Siding can hide surface drops by 5-7 centimeters!

Materials and tools for installation

Before making the ceiling of the siding, you need to make sure that you have purchased all the necessary building components, as well as the right tool prepared.Consider what materials you will need:

  • main element, of course, is a siding.
  • Purchase start profiles, the amount of which will depend on the overall ceiling perimeter.
  • To make the crate, you can not do without the wooden beams.
  • If ceiling mounted luminaires siding will then need to purchase the required number of them.

It's everything about the necessary building materials.Now you need to make sure to cook the right tool for the job.So, you will come in handy:

  • Punch or drill with powerful striker;
  • Hammer;
  • Hacksaw on a tree for trimming bars;
  • level;
  • Building a pencil and tape measure;
  • stationery knife and metal cutting shears;
  • dowel-nails;
  • Screws;
  • pliers.

When all of the above is ready, you can begin to mount the ceiling of siding with their own hands.

process mounting ceiling siding

If you are sure that you can independently sew ceiling represented an element of decoration, we offer you a stepwise algorithm for assembly work:

  • starts siding sheathing of the ceiling with that of the original surfacemetered required distance, which will be the new ceiling.The distance depends on what you choose built-in lights, as well as whether the carried-ceiling insulation.

Attention!The minimum distance between the surface of the original and the new ceiling should be 4 cm!

  • defined the distance with a tape measure and pencil to make a mark on the wall.From it, using the level, draw a straight line around the perimeter of the room.According to her, will be mounting a block of wood.In
  • if the concrete wall, the punch holes are drilled, the diameter of which usually is 6 mm.With the help of dowel-nails fastened timber.
  • After Attachments bars mounted to the starting profile.This can be done by small nails or screws.Basically, if you have the available staple gun, you can mount them to produce profiles.

Tip!It is recommended to practice on unnecessary pieces start profile do neat joints because of the quality of this action will depend on the overall aesthetics of the ceiling.

  • If your new ceiling light fixtures are provided, then the place of installation must be connected wiring.During the installation of siding do not forget to drill a round hole the diameter of the future of lighting elements.
  • Getting Started Installation of the first panel, measure the desired length and cut the strip on it.Both ends of the insert into the groove siding starter profile.The same scheme fastened subsequent material strip.

Attention!The last panel, for sure, will be cut off, not only in length but also in width.

The final stage will be the installation of lighting fixtures.After that, a damp cloth is wiped entire ceiling and removed construction debris.In order to complete the overall design of the new ceiling can be around the perimeter to make installation of ceiling moldings.