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August 12, 2017 18:07

Painting ceiling moldings using the eyes and putty

Decorate plinth, close up the gap with the help of putty

Before you ask the question - how to paint ceiling moldings, you must first properly repaired all the cracks and irregularities.The surface must be prepared.For this purpose putty. mixture requires fine for her to keep the structure of all joints and seams. also taken into account is how smooth or rough wall.If the surface is not perfect, then choose the plaster (eg, Rotband ).

In that case, when the base is more or less equal, and there are only small cracks, fit the usual fine-grained putty.Used during a typical work spatula and vertical movements are carried out.Thus, repeated relief of the plinth and that is why you will not see the seams at the joints.It turns out a kind of "uniform" plinth.Further, the coating allow time to dry.And the last stage of its cleaned with sandpaper.

Painting ceiling moldings

First you need to determine the color.It is best to select a shade under the existing surface.For example, this can be white or bl

ack ceiling moldings.Next, prepare the tools and materials, as well as the diluted mixture to paint (better if it is acrylic water-based paint).Often skirting and ceiling color (for those who wish to create a special interior).In the process you will need: brush, masking tape, putty, paint, baseboard directly himself.

Before the start of the ceiling and wall glue masking tape.This is in order to avoid contamination of existing coating new shade.In the event that the wall coated paper wallpaper, you can not attach adhesive tape, in order to avoid damage to fabrics (so they do not come off).Just have to divide the painting into two stages: first, apply makeup in place near the ceiling, and then gently along the walls.At the same time take a trowel and dock it to the wall (painted along it).Thus, only the spatula can get dirty.

Note! In some cases users have experienced such a moment, as the hydrophobicity of the plinth.What does it mean?That is, the ink may collect in drops and drain.In such situations, you need to pre-primed base or even more thoroughly treat sandpaper.

How to paint the ceiling moldings using Glaze?

addition to the standard painting, there is also the method of application using Glaze.It helps achieve the "old" effect "shabby gold or silver", "tree", "stone".In fact, Glaze - a type of toner composition, which is applied to the surface of the atomizer or spray.Shade mixture using a swab, brush or any rags.There are several methods of application:

  • Effect "dirty stone» involves copious application of first light paint TAIRE , and then create a "dark spots" shade Umber , are properly shaded.Next made only small strokes using the same dark Glaze.In the final stage, when the coating dries, use a bronze Glaze.
  • effect of "old wood» can be produced on conventional plastic and other baseboards.To this end, strong pressure is applied to a rigid brush Brown Glaze.Next, a fine brush drawn bands (created wood imitation).In the final step surfaces give time for drying soft brush and shade pattern.
  • effect of "gilding» created using gold, silver, metallic Glaze and thin brush.That she needed to apply makeup.
  • Effect "malachite» done using green paint, which richly shaded swab over the surface.Next drawn small dark specks in the final stage are bright streaks.To easily they lay on the surface, it is desirable to dilute the water Glaze.