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August 12, 2017 18:07

The box is made ​​of plasterboard on the ceiling - creating a unique interior style

Box of plasterboard on the ceiling - the main advantages of the construction

Undoubtedly, erecting the ceiling structure in the form of a box, the developer not only gets rave reviews from friends and family about the incomparable interior of the room, but also other, equally important advantages.On the first one we mentioned earlier.It is a box that can hide the various communications systems, since ventilation and heating pipes ending.Another indisputable advantage provided by the ceiling structure is that it allows you to make an installation of more lighting.Agree, sometimes the room is too small a chandelier situated in the middle.So, thanks to the boxes, which are mounted and lamps, you will forget about this issue.

Attention!If you decide to equip the ceiling structure with additional lights, do not forget to take care of additional switches, which will regulate the lighting of the room.This at times can save electricity consumption!

General recommendations for installation boxes

In order to have no problems when you mount the ceiling box of drywall to the base surface, it is strongly recommended to perform the most important indication before installation: ceiling surface should be smooth andthe maximum level!To achieve this condition, you can plaster ceiling or to align it with the putty.Making the frame under the ceiling structure is carried out by means of metal profiles.With their purchase you will not have any problems, because they are sold at each construction market or in specialized stores.Please note that in no case should not "reinvent the wheel".In other words, use only original material, rather than what you have on hand.So you will not only take care of the aesthetics of the design, but also to make it safe.Once the frame has taken its rightful place and securely fastened, you can begin to work with plasterboard .Primarily, it is necessary to cut the workpiece according to the box size.By the way, after harvesting are ready, make sure that all the holes for the fixtures were made.

algorithm drywall ceiling box

Previously we proposed general provisions for the construction of such a roof construction as a box.If you strongly decide to make installation of his own, then here is a phased plan works:

  • marking and preparation for work.The first step is to move all the dimensions of the future box on the ceiling.To do this you need a tape measure and pencil building.

Attention!During the application markup do not forget to take into account the size of metal profiles!

  • Fixture profiles.When finished with the layout on your mark attached profiles.Once mounted rails.In order to produce a fixture, you will need to punch, dowel-nails and a hammer.By the way, the standard and suitable for the job of the drill diameter of 6 mm.
  • Production and installation of hangers.Using scissors, cut metal hangers required size.Then attach them to a previously established guide profiles with self-tapping screws.Likewise, the lower part is mounted boxes.
  • Do not forget about the communications installation.This is done, of course, before you zashёte construction of plasterboard.For example, run the wiring and other communications elements.
  • finished design of the profiles is closed plasterboard, which subsequently puttied and painted.By the way, do not forget that all the corners of the ceiling structure must be protected by a special perforated area.