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August 12, 2017 18:07

Plaster ceiling plasterboard - the main secrets of the work

plaster ceiling plasterboard - main features

process Despite the fact that the entire process can be viewed on a video of the ceiling plaster plasterboard on our website, it is worth noting several important features of this technology:

  • The first layer applied to thedrywall, should not exceed 5 mm.

Attention!If we ignore the above rule, the bonding agents layer will not dry completely, which will lead, eventually, to the emergence of cracks!

  • The first layer should not be done perfectly smooth, as will now be a few more layers to correct minor irregularities.This will save time, as well as a certain amount of dry mix bonding agents.

Please note that the first layer is caused to mix bonding agents must dry at least 12 hours!

  • When the specified time is up, you must sanded ceiling with sandpaper.It is recommended to use a material with a grain P100-P150 .
  • concludes filler layer is required to apply the finishing mix.After it has dried, the surface polishing to produce a perfectly smooth state
    .You can use a special vibrating sander or abrasive mesh.

needed for tools and materials

To putty plasterboard ceiling held without delay, you must make sure to have on hand all the necessary building materials and tools.So, for you will need:

  • Couple spatulas.One narrow and one wide with working part.
  • putties start and finish.By the way, is often used for products from companies such as Knauf and EuroGips .
  • Primer.
  • Roller.It is desirable that he was on a telescopic handle.
  • broad brush.
  • Tanks for priming, as well as starting and finishing putty.
  • sandpaper or abrasive mesh.
  • Grid-serpyanka, which will be used for the sealing of joints.
  • screwdriver or a screwdriver with a shaped tip.

When it is available, you can begin to bring the ceiling in perfect condition.

technology putty ceiling

Once you have made the installation of drywall on metal profiles, you need to put on it the primer layer.For this purpose the roller on a telescopic handle.Basically, if you have a lot of time, you can perform the work with a broad brush and a working part.

Once the primer is dry, and it occurs in about 60 minutes, you are ready to start application layer putties.Starting layer should not be on technology than 1 centimeter.In order to bring the dry mixture to proper consistency, it is necessary to inject a little water and stir.This may be used a drill with a special nozzle-mixer.Finished weight should resemble a thick cream.

It is worth noting that the total drying of the starting layer takes 3-4 hours, provided that the room has good ventilation system, and the temperature in it does not fall below 15 degrees.If these conditions are not met, the application to the first topcoat is necessary to proceed only on the following day after application launch.

Attention!If you do not want the plasterboard ceiling swelled putty, do not violate the conditions described above in any case!

After finishing plaster is applied in two layers and dry, you can safely proceed to a thorough polishing surface.To speed the process, you can use the sander.If there is none, that is fine abrasive mesh with fine grain.

when the ceiling surface is perfectly smooth, you can carefully start to the primer, and when it dried - for further decoration of the ceiling.It may be banal painting and pasting surface ceiling tile , which will give the room an unrivaled and unique look.