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August 12, 2017 18:07

Thermal insulation of the ceiling in a wooden house - lock the heat of the castle

Warming of the wooden house in the ceiling - select material

Before the choice of insulation material, which is required for the ceiling outlet at home, you need to define the basic requirements to it.Firstly, the material must relate to the "A" class of fire, that is, it should not be flammable.This is especially important given the fact that you insulate it wooden house.Secondly, from it into the air should not enter the dust or other contaminants.They may not have the most beneficial effect on the human body.Thirdly, the effectiveness of the thermal insulation to be achieved at maximum light weight material.

Note!High-quality insulation will provide you with a good sound insulation.

Today, the choice of materials for thermal insulation of houses is quite large, but only a few years ago, the ceiling insulation in a wooden house was carried out with the help of sawdust, expanded clay or other suitable particulate material.They were replaced by: polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, and of course, ro

ck wool.You can purchase it in its natural form or a more modern - in the form of insulation boards.They are more convenient to install, which takes much less time.

Of all building materials on the market the most popular heaters acquired mineral wool.Unlike polystyrene or polyurethane, which not "breathe", it does not prevent natural circulation of air, and prevents to accumulate under the roof undesirable condensate.Moreover, value, and weight efficiency of the mineral wool makes it leading segment of the product.Fully meeting all the requirements for the heater to the ceiling, it is easy to install and completely safe.

Technology insulation wooden ceiling

So, choosing high-quality material for insulation, you can proceed directly to the ceiling insulation process that involves several steps.Primarily it fits selected waterproofing material, which as such may act as glassine.Installation is carried out lanes, which requires material to cut the required width and length.If it is to be laid between the ceiling beams, the width of the strips should be greater than the distance between them is 10 cm.

Sliced ​​waterproofing material is placed in the space between the joists and fixed on their lateral surfaces.If stacking is carried out overlapping, it also is about 10 cm. The next step is to cut the foam and also put it in between the beams.These bands should go close enough to the gap remained.Permissible distance between the foam plates 1 cm. This space can be filled with the usual assembly foam.

After its drying is necessary to cover the foam with another layer of waterproofing material.Only after that you can carry out installation of insulation.It is placed mineral wool, usually in two layer.For greater effect, it is recommended to lay a second layer so that the joints of sheets of mineral wool accounted for about the middle of the sheets of the first layer.

ceiling in a wooden house - practical advice

ceiling Warming - it's pretty important process, which depends comfortable stay in the house all family members.That is why it should be noted some particularly important points.They may seem a minor point, but later will be of great importance.So:

  1. Insulated ceiling in the house, made of wood, it is recommended to do after the end of major construction and repair works.
  2. care must be taken that the wall construction and floor have also been warmed before finishing the ceiling trim.
  3. Inside the house is carefully checked for leaks, the presence of cracks and distortions.It is necessary to remove all the detected defects.Otherwise with time they result in a rather rapid loss of efficiency of insulation ceiling arranged.
  4. the presence of attic floor ceiling at the device is possible to do one layer of insulation and a waterproofing layer.However, additional attic insulation should be provided.
  5. Fine finish can be carried out directly on the heater, but many experts agree that it is better to hide his plywood sheets or boards.This will prepare a finishing material quality and level surface.

Thus, competent approach to the warming of the wooden house - including the ceiling - will create in a residential area a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.