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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to glue the moldings on the ceiling or the features of its installation

How to glue the ceiling plinths, preparatory moments

Given the number of recommendations of experts and taking into account the peculiarities of mounting ceiling moldings can be put into practice a number of interesting design solutions easily. Ceiling moldings can hide the place wall and ceiling joint, ugly gaps between the used finishing materials. On this basis, it is necessary to carefully select the width of the plinth to ceiling.This will be the first condition of a competent installation of a decorative element.Gluing ceiling cornice should be so that it hid all the flaws.To determine how suitable plinth for these purposes is not so difficult: enough to make it to the site of the junction of the walls of the room.

then need to accurately calculate the maximum amount of the plinth to your ceiling.Make it very simple: the perimeter of the room is calculated, and the resulting figure is divided by the length of the floor.As a rule, it is 2 meters.For example, if the perimeter of the room is 15 m,

then it will need a trim 7.5 baseboards.It is obvious that in this case it is necessary to round the figure upwards, and buy in the store 8 eaves.

recommends "estimate" skirting boards to the ceiling on a piece of paper in the box.Following these simple manipulations it will become more clear as to glue the plinth at the ceiling most efficiently and effectively.

Main nuances

purchasing mounting adhesive ceiling cornice, we can proceed to its installation.As a rule, questions of how to glue the decorative element along the wall, do not occur.Sufficiently thin strip adhesive composition applied on both surfaces of the plinth, from which one is pressed tightly to the ceiling, and the other - to the wall.If the adhesive has been applied too much, and his excess extend beyond the eaves, they must be removed with a dry cloth usual.

And about how to properly glue the skirting boards to the ceiling in the corners, you must tell us more.Today, there are two options for installation of decorative moldings in the corners of the room.The first of these is lightweight and simplicity.In the DIY stores easily you can find the corner pieces ideally suited to the chosen floor.Moreover, they may be sold in a set, which is especially convenient.They are mounted as the actual ledge, with an adhesive.

second option is a bit more complicated.It involves self-trimming of the cornice at the required angle.Based on the fact that the corners of the apartment is usually straight forward and 90º up, the trimming angle ceiling moldings will be 45º.

Trimming skirting boards should be done as accurately as possible!Otherwise, the product becomes unusable.

For these purposes, is commonly used tools such as miter box.This simple device allows you to control the angle of the cut skirting.It represents a product of a U-shaped profile, having cuts at respective angles.The miter box stacked ceiling moldings and trimmed to the desired angle with the help of a knife or a clerical assembly counterpart.Cropped so moldings are joined in the corner of the room and stick to the surface of the walls and ceiling.

After skirting a direct mounting to the ceiling need to look around and appreciate the finished result of the presence of defects.This is especially important if the moldings are used in white.If you have them free from fingerprints or other small defects in the interface it is recommended to use a light silicone sealant.It can creep into the dirt a place a little stiff brush or a finger in a special glove.

How gluing ceiling moldings on the suspended ceiling - what to look for?

your family members insisted on the Mural on the ceiling, and you have long dreamed of a quality stretch analogs and, finally realized his dream?It is wonderful!But do not you think that something is missing?So you should pay attention that if you did not purchase a special plug for such a ceiling would have to worry about installing the ceiling moldings.The question of how to glue the plinth on the suspended ceiling, is quite relevant, given the popularity of this type of ceiling coatings.It was his property and determine the features of skirting installation.

Even at the stage of choosing a ceiling cornice should be noted that it should be easy enough, otherwise the surface will be a bit of a stretch ceiling stretch and sag under his weight.In addition, the installation of the ceiling is always a small gap between it and the wall, which falls on the element of baguette.That is why stick plinth should be broadside to the wall.

directly adhered eave is recommended to use plastic gasket that fits between the skirting and ceiling.It allows you to avoid getting glue on its surface.It is worth noting that remove the adhesive from the stretch ceiling is quite difficult.After the final drying of the adhesive polyethylene is easily removed.If necessary, review how to glue the ceiling plinths, video shows all the details.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that stick directly to the ceiling moldings can not.The fact that in the case of dismantling the eaves to separate it from the wall will be easy, but the ceiling surface - is difficult.Too great a risk of damage is not the cheapest ceiling coverings.In addition, the suspended ceiling "lives" with their lives, and when tension or compression defects can be formed by deformation of the material.

thus implementing installation of a plinth for the ceiling, you must correctly select the decorative and functional element, take into account the particular installation in a particular case.As a result, you will be rewarded aesthetic appearance of the ceiling, and a beautiful, harmonious interior.