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August 12, 2017 18:07

Photo wallpaper on the ceiling - flip the world upside down !

Photo Wall Murals on the ceiling - the types of materials used

as ceiling photowall, of course, you can use ordinary, designed for walls (made of paper or non-woven basis).Modern range of topcoats offers a sufficient number of interesting materials for the ceiling.And if you own such art as Wallpapering the ceiling, it has successfully coped with this task.Although experts recommend to choose a ceiling yet the poster paper - it is stronger, safer operation and easier to clean.

But modern technology have gone much further - Today our services are offered self-adhesive wallpaper ceilings with photo printing.Recent differ on the specifics of the material composition - it can serve as the basis of fleece, mesh banner or a special fabric.The image on these surfaces by the application of new technologies will be more quality over time the paint does not burn out, moreover, these coatings, if necessary, easily enough to dismantle for cleaning and re-install in place.

Ceiling Mural - diversity

Design Regarding the design, the manufacturers offer a wide range of original design of ceilings.If you wish exclusively to decorate your home, you can order a fluorescent or simply 3d wallpapers.What it is?The latest innovation in the decorative arts - volume Mural - available today and for ceilings.They differ naturalistic depth image, which is achieved through the use of special technology.Especially good in this performance look plots the sky, the clouds, the tops of the palm trees, shoals of birds, etc.

But progress does not stand still, and today we can enjoy even more wonderful decoration for your home or entertainment venue -.. Fluorescent panoramassurround effects.This coating during the day there will be no different from the previous one, but when it's dark and you light a special (UV) lamp - a miracle happens ... Picture, if come to life, and the lights will create the final effect of reality pictures.In these panoramas especially look good evening city lights, or the night sky.

Photo Wall Murals on the ceiling - what to choose?

Although the ceiling Mural today is still quite difficult to find - the market is not yet saturated with them as fellow wall - the choice is difficult to make.Indeed, the plot of which is better to choose for your home, as offered a lot of interesting, original, surprising way of finishing the ceiling - the producers are ready to realize any fantasy customer ?!

Let's take a closer look, the images that are appropriate in different areas:

  • for a child's room is better to choose subjects quieter: butterflies, birds, clouds, tree tops - the child's mind, and so can withstand sufficient load every day, let us at leastlet his corner flanked by an immature mind to relax and unwind;
  • bedroom also suitable volumetric images day or night sky, palm trees and other soothing scenes.Although you can and experiment, for example, use an image Amurchik or reproductions of famous paintings;
  • to decorate the ceiling in the living room and space in the cafe, club or restaurant, you can choose a photo of planet Earth from space images of distant universes or scenes from the life of the underwater also effectively will look fluorescent wallpaper with evening metropolis.

If you close outrageous, you can always stick to the ceiling the most unexpected stories to break the habitual perception of space, to turn everything upside down!