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August 12, 2017 18:07

Decorative plaster for the ceiling - the whole point in the irregularities

Decorative plaster for the ceiling that take

usually plaster of different brands can be divided into groups, of which there are three - for the exterior finish, interior finish, and for any occasion, so to speak, universal mixture.Of course, first we have absolutely no interest in, the ceiling on the street somehow do not, except in the form of shelters, but this is a completely different topic.But in a number of formulations for finishing indoors it is just part of that same relief plaster, which we have decided to put on the ceiling.However, there are universal decorative plaster, but they are still used, often in interior decoration.

Now ostae6tsya determine the composition: here is that the preferred polymer, mineral or silicate plaster?It is worth considering, is not it?Well, as for the polymer blend, here everything is clear, it is based on different kinds of polymers, which almost everyone knows from the school chemistry course, which, however, quickly forgotten.Here, for example, mineral cont

ains in its composition components such as cement and lime.Or, if you take the silicate mixture, then it is present potassium silicate, or in other words, liquid potassium glass, which just sets the consistency.All think what to choose?And does it really matter, because the main thing that kept textured plaster gives it a relief surface, what a lot of help required granules filler.It is on their grain and texture depends on the ceiling.And, let's detail of beans.

Stucco decorative plaster - which determines relief

Even using the same tools and working with different brands of plaster, you'll never get the same option, even if you each time you perform the same movement.And the trick is that the texture of plaster depends on its constituent filler granules, or rather, the shape of the grains.Let's follow the entire line of cause-effect.That is to take at least the round pellets, as you think, what with them formed a relief?Smooth rough surface would be the expected result.

must say that the important role played by the grain size when choosing plaster beads larger or smaller, you always know what in the end you get the invoice. In general, the smaller the grain, the smoother will be the ceiling trim decorative plaster .Accordingly, large enough chips of natural stone as a filler will create a mouthwatering relief of fine intersecting grooves.However, such "striations" is defined, for the most part, by the addition of the filler granules oval.The rest, of course, is achieved by using your imagination and a special tool.

How is the decorative plaster ceiling

Tools for application of decorative plaster on the ceiling needs are the same as for the walls.The only presence of which necessarily is a rectangular trowel with a well-polished surface of a stainless steel blade.It is the tool you carefully push the mixture to the surface of the ceiling, providing it with the most flawless adhesion.In other words, what will be best to smear the plaster, the better it will fall.Do not be afraid that you get absolutely smooth surface texture is formed after the final plastering.

When you have on the eye layer is about 5 millimeters thick, you can stay, is the limit.Too thin a layer will not allow you to fully realize the ceiling texture your imagination, and too thick can once again confirm Newton's arguments about the Earth's gravity.So most times half a centimeter.Now take a trowel or putty knife, which, incidentally, may have a toothed edge of the fabric, and begin to create.

Drawing tool wavy lines, or making overlapping notches, you will get a unique structured pattern.For small roughness may need to rough paint roller.

By the way, do not forget about color, because originally sold decorative plaster plain white or translucent masses, if it is "Venetian".Kohler or it can be added directly in the store, or before finishing.However, it is possible that you hit and ready-mix of a particular color.I. for your information, you can paint and plastering already, and even if it is in color.Additional tint tinted relief, create an amazing song.