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August 12, 2017 18:07

Plaster ceiling with his hands , we describe the process works

Tools Required

Align the ceiling plaster is carried out with the following tools:

  • aluminum rule,
  • stainless steel trowel,
  • drill with paddle "Mixer»,
  • bucket of plastic 18 liters,
  • plaster falcon,
  • grout sponge,
  • plaster crest,
  • spatulas 50, 100, 200 mm,
  • kirochka with handle.


Preparation Before placing the plaster, you need to properly prepare ceilings for subsequent finishing.

To begin remove old paint any unnecessary spatula.To facilitate the procedure, the surface is moistened with a roller or brush.Approximately 200 mm below from the ceiling and walls are handled.Now on the market of building materials were special washing, which is literally 20-30 minutes to help remove any old paint.

hammers or handle spatula necessary to "rattle" the joints of slabs (rusty), as well as around the heating risers and in the corners between the wall and the ceiling.Ill keep the plaster must be removed.

Sometimes, when you remove the old coating is often found fungus or mold.In this

case, first, determine the cause of the fungus.Most likely, it's a bad heat and high humidity.If not revise the building ventilation system, the fungus can be formed again on a new coating.Secondly, it is important to eliminate the fungus.If he has a small size, it will help the solution of copper sulfate or a special tool ( usually spray Homeenpoyste ), available in stores.If the fungus struck a large area, the first chop off the top layer of "spawn", and then he burned the gas welding torch or acid.Once the old coating has been removed, mold and fungus, begin to surface preparation.

Surface Preparation and plaster ceiling plaster ceiling

technology necessarily involves the preparation of the surface before starting work.What does it mean?This means that the surface must be primed, leveled, cleaned and dried.Only after this is applied to the plaster ceiling.On this and tell you more.

If the ceiling is very curve, it is necessary to set the beacons.Plaster ceiling beacons involves the installation of special labels that show exactly where the ceiling is tilted.Next to these labels pull a cord and installed beacons, which are carried out installation of the flashing profiles.

further dries the surface and applied plaster solution.If you want to create any patterns or some slightly rough surface, it is suitable textured plaster ceiling.Also suitable Venetian plaster on the ceiling and walls to create a unique and elegant design.

is important to note also that if the ceiling is plaster plasterboard or wood, it is necessary to determine the thickness of the applied layer.If the thickness is more than 15 mm is assumed, it is desirable to use a special grid.Thanks to the wooden ceiling or plaster ceiling plasterboard will be more durable and reliable.The grid is a kind of fastening element.

the final stage is put under pressure plaster solution by machine.This provides good adhesion.The mixture is evenly distributed on the basis of the location of profile Beacons.After the final drying grout makes for a perfectly smooth and flat surface.

Well, this video describes the process.Plaster ceiling with his hands, with video lessons on drawing which presents many resources to help you recreate the elegant and aesthetically pleasing interiors.