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August 12, 2017 18:07

Structure and working principle chandelier with remote control

What chandelier with remote

Man is always trying in various ways to simplify your life, so coming up with a variety of devices.And now, if necessary, turn on the lamp in the room, it is not necessary to reach for the light switch.To help in these situations and come LED chandelier with remote control.In order to activate this light, there is a lot of information and articles.Here we will try to lay out the main points of connection and chandeliers provide a simple circuit with a remote control.

What is a chandelier with remote control

should be noted that such externally chandeliers are no different from the usual for us designs, with the only difference - on, off, and the light intensity is regulated by a remote device.The range of action of the signal from 30 to 100 meters, which allows you to turn on and off light even in the next room.

remote control runs on batteries, but steady switch is also present, so, if necessary, can also be used.

element that receives the signal is inside the chandeliers and carefully disguised by decorati

ve details, so committed does not spoil the look of the luminaire.

What is a chandelier with remote control

selection criteria

There are several criteria that influence the choice of the type of power source.In particular, according to the type of lamps used:

  • incandescent lamps are considered cheap goods, but it is much inferior to the others in terms of energy savings;
  • Fluorescent - quite economical and affordable;
  • Halogen lamps several times more expensive, but also have a long life;
  • LED most economical among all samples, so it is often used as lighting.

Selection criteria

also important power and lighting levels.Therefore, before buying a chandelier, decide what it is intended for the room.If this living room - there are appropriate chandelier with lots of light, and for a nursery or bedroom suit small lamps, creating warmth and comfort.

Regarding the range of the remote, everything depends on the area of ​​the apartment.It's simple - the larger the area, the stronger must be the signal.

Be careful in the selection of chandeliers in the presence of a suspended ceiling, which, as we know, does not tolerate high temperatures.In this case, the ideal option would be to use LED lamps that do not heat up.

Selection criteria

producer Choice

important role when buying LED chandeliers plays and country of origin:

  • Chinese are the most affordable, but this does not affect the quality, because China is also able to produce good competitivegoods.
  • chandeliers illuminated from European manufacturers are much more expensive Chinese, but this is compensated by the quality, environmental friendliness and aesthetic appearance of these products.

How to assemble the chandelier with remote

Assembly chandelier with remote control begins with a reference to the accompanying instructions.It identifies not only the hardware device, but especially the connection, it is important to examine them in order to avoid errors.

How to assemble the chandelier with remote control

After that, you must connect to each other all the small items included in the kit, and share all the wires to prevent short circuits.After the wires are connected halogen lamps, can be attached to caps, screws and other elements in the box.The photo shows how the outputs are grouped all the controller.