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August 12, 2017 18:07

The benefit to the SNIP 3.01.01-85 - Manual for the organization of high-speed construction of roads and airfields using type DS - 100 sets of machines

allowance to SNIP 3.01.01-85 - Manual for the organization of high-speed construction of roads and airfields using type DS-100 sets of machines

Ministry of Transport Construction


roads and airfields
USING machine set
TYPE DS-100 (B DEVELOPMENT SNIP 3.01.01-85, SNIP 3.06.03-85,
SNIP 3.06.06-88)

Moscow 1990

builds on SNIP 3.01.01-85 "Organization of building production", SNIP 3.06.03-85 "Highways" and SNIP 3.06.06-88 "aerodromes".The basic provisions for the preparation and organization of construction production, organize logistics, mechanization, organization of transport, construction and the flow of work organization.


introduction of concrete covers technology devices in moving (traveling) the formwork using the DS-100 high-performance sets of machines, and DS-110 (type "Avtogreyd") has increased the pace of construction in the 3 - 4 times, reduce labor costs and in

crease productivity2 - 2.5 times, and significantly improve the performance of the concrete coating.

Technical reference speed road construction using type DS-100 sets of high-performance machines are reflected in chapter SNIP 3.06.03-85 and SNiP 3.06.06-88.

in this manual in more detail the basic provisions of the organization of construction and features of works at the construction of high-speed, set in SNIP 3.01.01-85, SNIP 3.06.03-85 and SNiP 3.06.06-88.

The manual is aimed at improving the efficiency of the use of sets of high-performance cars and an increase in the average rate of cement concrete pavements up to 40 - 50 km per year, with staffing of road organizations mixer (capacity of up to 240 m3 / h), car-dump truck (carrying capacity up to 12 tons) and othermechanization means used at present, and does not address issues of achieving higher rates of construction equipment at a road-building organizations more powerful and productive machines working in conjunction with the kit.

The Guide summarizes the experience of the construction of roads and airfields using type DS-100 sets of machines, and gained organizations Glavdorstroya Glavzapsibdorstroya.Since the beginning of the introduction of advanced technology built about 3500 km of cement concrete (armobetonnyh) coating width of 7.5 m The highest average annual laying of coatings made in the construction of highways Volgograd and Moscow-Minsk-Brest (67 km per year), and the highest average -. During reconstructionrunway Domodedovo airport bar (710 m over a 10-hour shift).

This allowance totaled candidate.tehn.Science BSMaryshev, Ing.MBLevyant, Dr. Sc.Sciences IEEugene, candidate of technical sciences BorisGrishakov, MALieberman, BNSoloviev, Candidate.ehkon.EM SciencesZeiger, engineers, INRogov, TNTkachenko.

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1. General

1.1.The term "high-speed construction of" roads and airfields used in this Manual in relation to the concrete pavement construction technology in the moving (traveling) the formwork using a high-performance sets of tracked vehicles such as the DS-100.This technology allows to increase the average annual rate of replacement and construction in 3-4 times in comparison with the use of sets of rail cars and concrete pavement construction technology in modular formwork (rail-forms).

1.2.Complete sets of high-performance machines such as the DS-100 device traffic (aerodrome) clothes with cement concrete pavement are at a higher, compared to rail concreting set, the level of road construction equipment on the unit capacity of machines, excellence drives and working bodies, automation of the course carsand setting the vertical marks of working bodies, which provides a significant increase in productivity and the quality of road construction.

1.3.Technical data such DS-100 sets of machines allow to work on the device of the pavement cement concrete pavement at speeds up to 3.5 m / min at concreting in sliding form, and up to 6 m / min with paving in the forms (in the form of modular formwork orcurb), which corresponds to performance of sets of paving, respectively 210 and 360 m / h.

1.4.The operational performance of machinery sets define the following groups the main factors:

organizational and economic - the validity of capital investment planning, timely preparation of design and estimate documentation and production base construction, to create the necessary groundwork subgrade inventory of sand and gravel, the rhythm of deliveries of cement, the level of developmentcost-accounting relations;

technology - technological design of cement concrete cover and the whole pavement, properties of mixtures used, the range and conditions of their transportation, climatic and soil conditions of the construction area;

technical - line power and performance of main and auxiliary machinery, auxiliary machinery fleet availability, technical condition and the degree of wear of main and auxiliary machinery,

1.5.Based on the capabilities of uninterrupted supply of construction materials and maximum performance produced Minstroydormashem mixers (120 m3 / h), the optimal rate of paving concrete with the use of type DS-100 sets of machines can be regarded as 1.2 m / min, which corresponds to 400 - 500 m for 10hour shift.

Application sets of machines such as the DS-100, taking into account their high cost economically feasible at an annual pace of construction of at least 40 km of pavement cement concrete pavement width of 7.5 m, which corresponds to 25 mln. the year of construction and installation works.This annual amount of work is the lower boundary of economically viable high-speed construction.

1.6.High quality indicators construction concrete pavement on the new (in the sliding formwork) technology, namely, a uniform density of concrete required amount of entrained air concrete to increase the frost resistance, the uniformity of the composition of the concrete mix across the thickness and evenness of the surface coating is geometrically correct lateral face - achieved withUpTime paver to be optimal for a given composition of the concrete mix rate.

When abnormality paver (vnutrismennyh downtime, frequent stops, changing speed) reduces the quality of construction and the amount of the possible effect of increasing the amount of work carried out by hand.

It should be borne in mind that the malfunction of the DS-100 sets of machines, their lack of loading not only affect the quality of construction and installation work, but also on the technical and economic performance of the contracting organization.

1.7.Experience the speed of construction shows that the contractors do not experience serious difficulties in the development of type DS-100 sets of machines: they are reliable, the manufacturer involved in their maintenance and repair, organized systematic training of operators.

During the introduction of advanced technology perfected construction of road (airfield) clothes, improved cement-concrete mixtures preparation technology.Appropriate technical solutions have been reflected in a number of regulatory documents.

Implementation of rapid construction is often hampered by the unavailability of facilities manufacturing base for reception, storage and transport increasing in 3 - 4 times the revenue of basic construction materials by rail, road transport for lack vnutripostroechnyh traffic, lack of sufficient groundwork subgrade.

1.8.In the context of rapid construction increases the value of the quality and completeness of the project construction organization, the project work organization, the timely implementation of the preparatory work.

1.9.The organization of high-speed construction should be borne in mind that the technical condition of high-performance machines and mixing equipment is largely dependent on climatic factors;so work machine (and especially of automatic control systems) is broken, usually at the time of transition outdoor temperature at 0 ┬░ C, and at low temperatures.

1.10.Economically reasonable rate of speed of construction are achieved primarily due to the completeness and thoroughness of the implementation of preparatory works: the construction of roadbed, construction of artificial structures, production facilities, housing and residential and administrative buildings.

1.11.. Taking into account specified in clause 1.3 the pace of work is possible to formulate the following basic principles of construction of roads and airfields using sets of machines such as the DS-100:

optimize the layout of railroad depots and pritrassovyh cement plants, the definition of their parameters;

rationalization of technological schemes of objects of industrial base;

selection of the most technologically advanced road construction (airfield) clothes and the development of technical solutions aimed at reducing the impact of seasonality on the concrete covers quarterly distribution unit volume of construction works;

providing year-round construction of the roadbed;

start planning pavement device, usually on the second or third year of construction to ensure subgrade reserve sufficient for uniform implementation of the annual volume of work on the pavements;

use set type DS-100 machines at ambient temperature not lower than 5 C.

2. Preparing of production

2.1.Preparing of production is a complex of interconnected documents and measures aimed at ensuring the highest possible, and uniform throughout the year capacity utilization of the construction organizations, which is achieved by the systematic and coordinated deployment of construction and installation work in all areas of the object under construction.Effective preparation of road-construction industry as a system of organizational, technical, economical and technological activities should be combined into a single set of preparatory and basic work of all contractors and subcontractors.

2.2.In accordance with SNIP 3.01.01-85 preparation of construction production includes:

overall organizational and technical preparation of construction;

preparation for construction of the facility;

preparation of a construction company to carry out the production program;

preparations for the production of construction and installation works.

2.3.General organizational and technical preparation of construction involves activities such as the provision of building design and estimate documentation) compilation title lists of construction, to enter into contracts and subcontracting, design construction financing.Furthermore, it should establish the need for increased capacity or the relocation of road-building organizations or their units and attract specialized subcontractors to perform certain types of work.

2.4.General training is general contracting construction company with the participation of the customer, project and subcontractors.

2.5.Customer must give the general contractor construction documents in the volume defined by the "Regulations on the composition, procedure development, coordination and approval of design and estimate documentation for construction of enterprises, buildings and structures┬╗ SNiP 1.02.01-85 no later than July 1 of the year preceding the yearstart of construction of the facility.

2.6.At the development of technical documentation is necessary before the approval of the project to ensure the project construction organization (PIC), working drawings and estimates to the objects of industrial base construction (railroad base, pritrassovyh cement concrete plants, residential villages builders with appropriate engineering services), as well as all the preparatory work complex ontrack road.Thus, using the opportunity to get permission for concessional financing of these works, construction company can promptly prepare for the start of major works.

objects production base of high-speed construction can be attributed to the complex atypical temporary structures, the development of projects which should be carried out and design institutes included in the cost of design and survey work on the project as a whole.Time spent on general training, the duration of the rules of construction projects not included, but the quality of their implementation depends largely on the success of the deployment and conduct of construction and installation works.

2.7.The most important in the development of the PIC are the following questions:

determining the duration of the facility, the composition of starting complexes, the sequence and timing of their commissioning, the estimated cost;

determination of the composition, the estimated cost and duration of the preparatory work;

development of the transport scheme of delivery of basic building materials;

development of measures to save labor costs, basic materials (of metal, cement, timber) and energy resources;

measures to ensure year-round maintenance of excavation and extension of the season pavement device;

identification of resource requirements.

general contractor Trust shall arrange to review the documentation departments of engineering education and subcontractors in the terms established by SNIP 1.02.01-85.

2.8.The purpose of the object to the construction - ensure the most rational organization and RMC production technology allowing for the road-building company, data on the duration and modalities of supply of building materials, structural components and equipment, the availability of machines and mechanisms at the disposal of the organization, as well as workingframes.During the preparation of the object to the construction engineering and technical workers of a construction company must examine the design and estimate documentation and develop projects for the production of works (PPR).

2.9.Projects of organization of construction and PPR should provide comprehensive solutions for unit energy and water supply, and the timing of such work should be linked with the timing of the main construction activities.

Estimated annual electricity demand, water, heat on a railroad depots and pritrassovyh CDC various capacities are shown in Table.1.

Table 1

consumer Productivity, m3 / h Quantity consumed
electricity MWh heat kcal water m3
a railroad base 120 390 45 13940
240 450 45 30560
pritrassovyh plant 120 330 65 48250
240 650 70 65990

Note.Water consumption at factories pritrassovyh determined based on 131 working days per year, on a railroad bases - 262 days.

2.10.Estimated specific water consumption by some industrial and economic needs is as follows:

Flushing gravel or crushed stone, l / m3 1200 - 2000

sand washing, l / m3 1200 - 2000

preparation of cement mixture, l / m3 150 - 200