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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to determine the wiring hidden in the wall

How to determine the wiring in the wall with a screwdriver indicator

Screwdriver with a transparent handle in which is hidden a simple device, there is the house almost everyone, and if not - certainly there from the neighbors.Powered screwdriver, capturing an electromagnetic field that is emitted by wiring in three sensitivity options.

Remember!"On" means the phase of the network, "of L" - the ability to determine the wiring with low sensitivity without direct contact, "H" - definition of hidden wires in the wall with a high level of sensitivity.

Pros of this method of determining the concealed wiring in the wall lies in the fact that it is very simple in design, the device is worth a penny, and is also suitable for determining the integrity of the circuit.

However, there is an indicator and cons: even if successful detection wire under a layer of plaster the instrument will show the danger zone of 20-30 centimeters.On the accuracy of speech can not be (the indicator is rather weak and is fully co

nsistent with its price).In addition, with this screwdriver you can not find the wire with a protective screen or wire without tension.


instrument to detect hidden wiring

In modern DIY stores you can easily find devices intended for finding hidden in the thickness of the wall of wires.The most common among them - "Woodpecker", or, more scientifically - "flush switch E121."The unit has had time to prove itself as a reliable, accurately determining the electrical wires in the back of the walls up to 7-8 centimeters.

Device to detect hidden wiring " Woodpecker "

As an alternative to the domestic appliance can be used Chinese MS device: for example, MS-58M tester is able to fairly accurately determine the wiring and even just metal objects.And it plays as a plus and minus - if you do not learn to distinguish the signal from the wire and from the usual nail, you may get a lot of false signals for flush.But the object, even a large, wrapped in foil, the tester will not notice because of screening, which creates the thin reflective layer.

Chinese alarm

There are similar comments about the MS-48 instruments, MS-18.On the one hand, they are easy to use, but on the other - this will require certain knowledge and skill.For example, in a rather humid environment or if the wall is wet, the indicator will glow almost constantly.But respecting the rules of operation can obtain accurate results with minimum effort.

interesting!There are more complex and functional device allowing to accurately locate discontinuities and network failure.As a rule, they are expensive, and in the home is almost not applied - their use professional workers.A simple version of such a device is used for the detection of their telephone operators network damage.

Find hidden wiring in the wall of the old-fashioned way?

only think that having a large selection of modern technological methods of detection of hidden wires, you can forget about how our forefathers were ingenious.In fact as it appears that knowledge of simple and proven ways for years can be extremely helpful in a situation where special instruments not at hand, and an urgent need to find a power grid.

  1. radio.The frequency of 100 kHz allows to find wires, if put on her radio and could move the receiver on the wall - where the wires will be there from the speakers will be heard the characteristic noise and crackle.
  2. Wallpaper.Brilliant, as they say, is simple - if a definition is necessary to flush for at least cosmetic repairs including replacement of wallpaper, you can deal with this problem immediately after removing the old finish wall.Most likely, you will find plastered Stroebe, but even if they do not, on a flat surface will be visible rough strips.This is where the wiring is located.

Broken electric cable under the layer of plaster can be determined by checking the indicator of the faulty switch or socket.Cut off switch in good condition show you one contact included - certainly two.

Important!The above rule does not apply to switches with illumination.

As for the outlet if Screwdriver indicator does not respond to any of the contacts are more likely damaged phase.If the device is, as expected, responds to one of the contacts, ignoring the second, but the devices included in the outlet, do not work - broken zero.

Broken outlet

on open wires to detect the gap is possible and in a simple manner serif.After switching off the network need to make notches on the cable insulation (one next to the junction box, and the other at a distance of about two meters away from it).If the tester shows low resistance, so this part of the network is not damaged.

Definition flush to the wall with instruments or without them - a process more time-consuming and will take some time, but it is worth remembering that it affects human security, making repairs, and security of property.So do not be lazy, identify all communications hidden in the walls and electrical wires will not cause unpleasant surprises.