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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to hide the wires .Instructions on how to remove the wire from the best kind.

Hiding the cable in a plastic box.

Plastic box

on the building materials market sell special plastic boxes for storage of power and low-voltage wiring.Wires often made with a rectangular cross-section, at least - convex.They can be fastened on virtually any surface, even for finishing materials.

length of boxes - one and a half to two meters, but are easy to make and a long trough.And if you need shorter - the material is quite soft and can be easily cut the extra length.Depending on the size of the box and the wire can be placed inside a different number of cables.Plastic boxes are usually attached to the wall with screws.

permitting finishing material used glue - it's easier and more economical.You can find even adhesive boxes, enough to remove the protective layer from the adhesive tape and attach the box wherever you go, and after already on it.It should be noted that the box is still quite clearly visible on the wall.

using the available slots.

If you are unable or unwilling to use an external plas

tic box and wiring need to spend in the room, with tile or other finishing, leaving the natural gaps, why invent something?After all, you can take advantage of these gaps.Suffice it to take a wire with a thin cross-section of up to two millimeters (only carefully calculate the load capacity).Thoroughly clean the grooves of the solution between tiles and cut a trench to a depth of one centimeter grinder.Spread into the prepared slot tile adhesive and then lay inside the wire and mask it for grouting tiles.

Make a trench using grinders

convenient use of drywall.

If the wall is made of plasterboard, or simply covered with trim made from this material, you need to make a long rod, preferably made of thick aluminum wire.This rod can serve as a feeding system: using it is necessary to stretch the cable or wire for plasterboard wall or ceiling (false ceiling is most often made from this particular material).

The wires in the Drywall

Then you can decorate the outer surface of any necessary materials, and the wires remain hidden, and there is clear they will not.If the walls are made of concrete or brick - work is complicated trick on the wall of a special chute, and then hidden to the wire smeared plaster or cement mortar.

Use the baseboard.

You can even use decorative moldings on the plinth

TV and telephone cable is convenient to clean up after the baseboard.If the plinth is glued in the repair - it should pave the cable in advance before applying the adhesive.That he does not come out, you can nail it stapled to the floor or wall, and after apply the adhesive and apply a baseboard.If the plinth on the screws - simply loosen the tightness, run the cable and tighten again.