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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to determine the gas leak

How to identify gas leaks using special devices

for continuous monitoring of gas leaks using special sensors, referred to as a gas analyzer or gas detectors.This device is something of alarm types, which do not find a valid gas rate in a room beeps.

gas sensor

Such sensors are recommended to be installed in the kitchen not far away from the duct or near a window.Before you attach a signaling should carefully study the climate of the room, as the high temperature in the room can break gas detector.

common cause of failure of sensors is their installation in places where they spend much time in the sun.If mounting the unit in such a place can not be avoided, then it sets sun shield.

Fixed gas sensor
Portable gas detector

It should be noted that the gas detector should always be clean, since the slightest dust can be the cause of failure of the instrument.

For a visual representation of how the board works like the sensor can see the video.

How to identify gas leaks on their own without the use of special sensors

The most reliable way

to determine the gas leak yourself - feel this odor.Just as there was a leak, at the site of a breakthrough, the fuel will come out with a certain sound, it will be like the whistle.

The smell of gas leakage
There is another method - is to smear the alleged breakthrough lather place and if it starts to inflate, then there is a leak.
Foam Application of the alleged gas leak
The soap foam in the form of inflated

Never check a breakthrough of gas, igniting the match as it may suddenly explode.It is also not recommended to turn on the lights, the slightest spark causes inflammation.

How to eliminate

gas leak in the first place after determining that there was a gas leak - should be cut off his supply and call the master.Also avoid temperature increase to eliminate breakage.Do not use electric switches - they can cause a spark that is not valid.

Before the masters need to ventilate the room, this should open the windows and doors.

If the gas is lit, this means that as long as there is a fire, it will not explode, so to extinguish the ignition of their own is not necessary.In this case, you need as much as possible to leave the premises and call the fire brigade quickly.

Action for gas leaks