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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to split the stones : Secrets of the Pros

1 Solution: break up with a sledge hammer and chisel

For this method you need: a sledge hammer, chisel, hammer, gloves and protective agent for the face, for example, a mask.

Wizard with a hammer

divide cobblestone sledgehammer

entire work process consists of a few simple:

  1. Dig a small hole in the ground and put it in your stone.This is necessary primarily for protective purposes as help protect from a rebound during impact.
  2. Prepare a sledgehammer and hit a maximum at the center of the stone.
  3. impact must be precise and the most powerful and biting.To achieve this, you should use an additional handle attached to the base.
  4. Do not expect that the first blow will be effective!Most likely, you will have to hit a few times, but always in the same place.
  5. If the lump is not broke, you should flip it to the other side and repeat.
  6. Once cracking has occurred, it should be the maximum level the surface of the fragments with a hammer.

Splitting hammer

Split sledgehammer

divide stone hand chisel

nuances!If you do not keep the house sledgeha

mmer and get her nowhere, you can use a chisel or plain heavy hammer with a short handle.Regarding the chisel, it is desirable that it was a tip of the metal carbide, as should withstand the impact of a very sturdy stone.

Tips for proper division of natural stone with their hands:

  1. Cobblestone, particularly large, is placed in the hole land.
  2. puts chisel to the stone, and apply progressive hammer blows, chisels on moving as Cobblestone begin to shoot up.
  3. Wild cobblestone begins to split at least 10 blows.
  4. Never forget safety rules.Their adherence to afford to protect their hands and feet.Use gloves (eg, canvas leggings or building), and on the legs desirable high boots.For the safety of the person wear a mask for welding.
  5. most important thing!Pobespokoytes that the next to you was not someone from the household (family and animals) and was not affected by debris or a ricochet.

Using chisels

2 Solution: cut using household and electrical tools

In order to break the stones required: wedges of different sizes and lengths, a sledgehammer, hammer, iron strips.Looking at the big or small cobbles, its hardness and rock determine the size of the wedges.Then you need a Bulgarian with a diamond disc.

stone Cleaving happens so:

  1. On the stone punch horizontal opening in a few cm using picks with a long handle and a blade (chisel).
  2. Then, turning out the cut put a few strips of iron, so that in the intervals between them can accommodate wedges from each other at 10 cm.
  3. You need to hit the wedges until the condition is not a boulder will be split into individual plates.

Note the video.Master during the experiment shows how you can split cobble using wedges.

Important!Using a hammer, remember that its strength lies not in how far you lifts his, and how to properly hold a pen.Because hands to place the end of the handle, as this strike force, splitting cobblestones, many times more than if you were holding the handle right near the metal base (nabalbeshnika).

second option of splitting the stone more complicated, but the result is sure to please you, as the pieces will be smoother and less demanding processing and polishing.Using a sledgehammer pieces produced uneven and often clumsy.

3 Solution: cut stone dynamite

This advice is applicable in the field, because it requires the remote placement of the settlements, as well as resolution.But if you still will not be able to use power tools, and you decide on an extreme way "MaksDinamit Cement" can help you.

This tool is not quite a classical dynamite, but is able to fully replace the explosives.

It is used for such instruction:

  1. is cut a small chainsaw propyl in stone.
  2. then performed in the middle of another propyl only slightly wider.
  3. The cuts are inserted hammers, but it is possible and metallic wedges.
  4. The hole is filled maksdinamit.Destruction is carried out due to the fact that the material starts to increase in volume and results in splitting stone (and subject it granite and limestone).Expands at higher temperatures and heating to 90% of the initial state.
  5. expected.After a time, you notice that the stone starts to crack.
  6. Cement, in turn, after performing its primary function becomes loose as sand.

Max Efficiency dynamite Field

That's all, now you have told all the secrets of splitting boulders, and only wish good luck and patience!Take care of the safety measures!