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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to build a house of sleepers with their hands : instructions with photos

Choice sleepers for the construction

Selecting sleepers for construction Selecting sleepers for construction

Railway sleepers impregnated with creosote so that they last longer and do not spoil under the influence of atmospheric phenomena and in the ground.Creosote is toxic.Therefore, you can only buy ties, which have been used for over 50 years.During this time with creosote sleepers disappears and goes into the ground.They are safer for the health, and have a lower cost.Also, when choosing sleepers need to know what they are through-impregnated and partial.To build houses, you should choose the latter.

Buy sleepers better in the nearest branch, engaged in the repair of railway tracks.Since the price of this material at the dealers overstated by 2-3 times.

Making foundation

Make the foundation

first stage of construction of the house is to pour the foundation.You can make a strip foundation around the perimeter, or columnar-belt.The foundation must be secured fixing bolts.

Building a house wall

Building a house wall
When the construction of the foundation came to an end, you can proceed t

o the walls.

build walls should be subject to such rules:

  1. Wooden railway sleepers to be laid wide side, so they will be better to stay and form a smaller gap, and of course, the house will turn warmer.
  2. first row of boards laid on the waterproofing layer and is attached to the anchored in the foundation bolts.
  3. Each row of sleepers is settled on a heater.This can be: glass wool, hemp, clay and straw.
  4. Each subsequent number is attached to the previous metal dowels or pins.Do it at a distance of 50-70 cm. From the ends.To do this, drilled two sleepers, and then fix the key at the bottom and the top strung, condensing design with a sledgehammer.
  5. angles, every 2-3 series strengthened metal gons.A stiffening the entire structure on both sides of the wall are attached diagonally steel strip.

Building a house wall

  1. Stacking sleepers need on the inner side of the wall, check for level and plumb.
  2. ends of the sleepers are connected to each other in the "joint" and fix the brackets, insulate tow.

When laying the walls is almost over, you need to think about and mount fasteners for slings.
Building a house wall

We raise the roof of the sleepers

We raise the roof of the sleepers

roof in such a house is no different from the others.The most budget option is slate roof.In the top row of the boards and the roof, you need to lay a layer of waterproofing and insulation.

We raise the roof of the sleepers

finished with a roof, you can proceed to the installation of windows and doors, laying the floor.

Internal finishing works in the building of the sleepers b / y

Interior decorating in the house of sleepers b / y

finishing inside the house need not only to create an aesthetic appearance, but also to prevent the penetration of creosote fumes into the house.

For insulation used polyethylene film.On it is mounted lathing and drywall.

Interior decorating in the house of sleepers b / y

external wall cladding of sleepers

External wall cladding from the sleepers

kind of suggestion is poor sleepers.Therefore, the outside cover them better.Since we are dealing with a harmful substance that evaporates all the time, lining has to "breathe."Therefore, to use mineral wool insulation, and as a facing material - the siding (vinyl or metal).

Ready house of sleepers

Once all construction and finishing work is finished we get an inexpensive, warm and beautiful house.

Ready house of sleepers