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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to remove moisture

What is damp and it appears

Dampness is the result of high humidity in the air.For human norm is the moisture content in the air at the level of sixty percent.Excessive its content can lead to negative consequences for man and his home.Excessive moisture can cause colds, and fungus, which is the result of its actions, can lead to respiratory diseases.

on the appearance of dampness in the flat affect, first of all climatic conditions.Also, this phenomenon can occur in the presence of ground water, as well as in the buildings that are located near bodies of water.

Before working

To begin the process of removing moisture from the room you need to get a certain number of tools and materials:

  • hygrometer.
  • Special dry mix.
  • balloon with liquid glass.
  • device for dehumidification.
  • Plastering materials.

Step by step guide of performance of works

Work on the removal of excess moisture from the apartment consists of a number of incremental activities.

  • Measurement of humidity hygrometer.
  • Waterproofing living space.
  • Processing external walls of the building.
  • use the dehumidifier.

to work

Step 1. Measurement of humidity hygrometer.This device shows the percentage of moisture in the air.If the humidity level is higher than the standard ratio, you should proceed to a drying process.

Completing of the work

Step 2. Waterproofing premises.If excessive amounts of moisture index of air is necessary to start the process of waterproofing.For this process, special dry mixes are used for waterproofing cement based.Also widespread roll waterproofing floors.In areas that have a higher percentage of permanent moisture in the air, such as in the bathroom, used for waterproofing material such as water glass.

Completing of the work

Step 3. Processing of the external walls of the building.Also residential waterproofing is done by external processing of walls of buildings.This treatment is a superposition of several layers of plaster.The more layers, the above waterproofing.Also, the fight against excessive moisture can be carried out with the help of special construction laminates.

Completing of the work

Step 4. Using a dehumidifier.This unit produces a very efficient removal of excess moisture from the room.There are various types of air dehumidifiers.For normal household apartments suitable apparatus for removing moisture in the room.This type of machines is compact, mobile, and it can be easily used at home.

Completing of the work

All these activities produce high quality complex struggle with excessive dampness.

Thus, the article described and characterized by processes that can be used to produce effective waterproofing premises.