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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to clean the walls with soot

Before working

To begin the process of cleaning the surfaces of the room black spots, it is necessary to acquire a certain amount of cleaning devices and detergents:

  • broom and brush.
  • Tatters.
  • tool for cleaning different surfaces.
  • tool white spirit.
  • Primer.

Step by Step performance

Work on removing soot stains from the surfaces of the apartment consists of a number of turn-based events:

  • Determination of spatial areas in which work will be performed.
  • preliminary cleansing.
  • Preparation of special cleaning tools for the job.
  • Room preparation for wet cleaning.
  • final stage of wet cleaning.
  • additional purification of fatty particles.
  • Priming.

to work

Step 1. Determination of spatial areas in which work will be performed.Spots of soot should be cleaned from top to bottom in order to avoid further contamination.

Completing of the work

Step 2. Pre-cleaning.Before cleaning job is to lay old newspapers or other materials that will not throw a pity.Next is to make pre-cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or

broom.When the broom is not necessary to carefully and forcefully make the removal of soot and scrubbed her sharp movements.

Completing of the work

Step 3. Preparation of specific cleaning tools for the job.Modern hardware stores may purchase the cloth or sponge, designed specifically for cleaning soot.They are the usual cleaning materials purchased, but additionally impregnated with a chemical composition.To work with such materials is gradually removing the black strip of the strip.Contaminated surface is not necessary to wash, and cut the layers with a razor or knife assembly.

Completing of the work

Step 4. Prepare the room for wet cleaning.After pre-treatment and purification by using special materials must be removed from the waste paper.Before wet cleaning should cover the floor with plastic materials.Then prepare a cleaning solution with a degreasing agent.Then, prepare a large number of rags for cleaning.

Step 5. The final stage of wet cleaning.After the wall or ceiling will dry, you need to make sure whether additional cleaning is needed.If it is not required, the surface should be wiped again with clean warm water.In the presence of small spots need to treat their pad soaked in mineral spirits.

Completing of the work

Step 6. Additional purification of fatty particles.After all done manipulation is once again inspect the surface of the walls and ceiling for the re-emergence of oily stains.

Step 7. Priming.After all the above works is to give the surface to dry and then check again for the presence of stains.If a sufficient degree of purification, it is possible to apply a primer.To do this it is best to use a primer with hermetic properties.

Thus, the article has been described and characterized the process of cleansing the surfaces of the flat spots of soot.