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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to quickly remove the smell of burning in the apartment

How to remove the smell of burning in the apartment: airing

How to remove the smell of burning in the apartment : ventilation

How to remove the smell of burning in the apartment : ventilation

first thing after the local fire detection in an apartment is necessary to eliminate the very cause.Therefore, we determine, from which emanates an unpleasant odor, and remove the cause of the apartments.

Once this is done you need to open all the windows and doors, creating a maximum draft.

air fresheners can only be carried out after the airing and cleaning, or the smell of air freshener mixed with fumes and this fragrance will be more unpleasant.

All the things that have undergone combustion, but still subject to the repair and cleaning is necessary to send on to the balcony for airing.And those who do not help - once a landfill.

If something burnt, how to remove the smell: appliances

If something is burnt , how to remove the smell : household appliances

If the house has air conditioning or extract, it is not necessary to create a draft, it would be better to include the existing equipment at full capacity.

well established itself as a means for removing odors Ionizer.Leaving it enabled on

ly for one night, you can get rid of the unpleasant consequences of burnt food in the house.

How can remove the smell of burning: increase humidity

The more you can remove the smell of burning : increase in humidity

While in the apartment runs the full ventilation is not superfluous to the enrichment of the air with moisture.To do this, turn on the hot water in the bathroom and open the door.Put the pan on the stove with water.Boiling water turns into steam, absorbs odors.If the water adding vinegar or citric acid, at times it will enhance the effect.The boiling water should be left for a few hours over low heat, occasionally wiping the surface of the condensate.

Suitable and wet cloth.Hang wet sheets around the apartment.Note that after drying, the sheets will become pungent, flavor is not output, so that they will have to throw away.

How to kill the smell of burning: general cleaning

How to kill the smell of burning : general cleaning

If all of the above described steps have been taken, but the burning smell was so strong that nothing helped, then you need to start a spring cleaning.

Particular attention should be paid to the place where the fire occurred.It needs to be washed, dissolved in 5 liters of warm water a tablespoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of ammonia.

We must not forget and wipe all surfaces: windows, doors, walls and ceilings.All curtains, bags and clothes need to be washed.

more difficult things with the carpets.They are not easy to wash, and to give the best to the dry cleaners.You can also try to clear their own, making the wet cleaning and eroding sending out.

How to remove the smell of burning houses: repair

How to remove the smell of burning house : Cosmetic repairs

happens in life and such troubles as fires.If the fire was small, it cope with its effects is possible by means of a small cosmetic repairs.

As is well known, the paper strongly absorbs odors, therefore it is recommended to start with a complete renovation wallpaper changer.Then you need to replace the carpet and carry out all the paint work.Do not forget about the furniture.It is recommended to replace the upholstery.

How to remove fumes: odor neutralizers

How to remove fumes : odor neutralizers

After general cleaning or redecorating done, you can proceed to aromatic means.For this purpose, well-fit aroma lamps and candles.

A scent of freshly ground coffee and cake with cinnamon not only finally to help cope with unpleasant memories of what happened, but also fill the house cosiness.