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August 12, 2017 18:07

Visor for air conditioning - how to extend the coolness in the house ?

What dangers lie in wait?

Everyone knows that modern air conditioners consist of two separate parts: internal and external.But few know that most of the cost of the unit makes it all the outdoor unit.A compressor that is placed in it, is the most expensive part in the whole system.It is therefore important to take care of the security of the unit, as on the roofs of ice build-up formed in the winter, which, falling from a height, damage as the outer part of the unit, and interconnect communication.

Even if the compressor itself will remain intact after this, the restoration of communications and refill the coolant will be much more expensive than installing a visor.In addition, there are other factors, confirming the need to install the visor.Thus, the air conditioner can damage irresponsible neighbors or employees of public utilities.Also, if the building has long been not new, there may be cases falling off plaster, tiles, slope protection.

addition, neighbors from the upper floors, which make repl

acement windows can drop tools and bring down the plaster that may be dangerous for a split system.Setting sun visor - it's a step that will protect the equipment from possible dangers.Visor feature that it is set at an angle to the wall, making it a very effective way to protect. Note! Visor - a cheap but effective solution that can save you from costly repairs.

Visor hands craftsman

protection cover for the air conditioner is a lightweight structure made of metal, which is collected by welding steel sheet with corners.Corners constitute a supporting structure and steel sheet 2 mm thick brewed obliquely from above.Visor Mounted to the wall with anchors.

As can be seen, visor design is quite simple, so it can be done independently.To do this, you must determine the size of the shield, based on the size of the external air conditioner unit.Universal option considered the dimensions 1000h550 millimeters with a framework of metal corner.Prop height is 250 mm, and the inclination is 70 degrees.

Important!Steel for the sun visor should be galvanized for greater durability and strength.

Visor for air conditioning with their hands to collect simple, but there is one big problem - it's installation.Install it yourself is not always a good idea.If you live on the lower floors, the problem with that, but if the apartment is located above the third floor, it is necessary to think well.It is necessary to consider whether you can not risk your health to carry out the installation, and, if the answer is to cause doubt, it is better to entrust this work to professionals.


their forces, if you do decide to make their own installation, the following we will explain how to do it.The first step is to clearly and correctly to partition walls, where you want to install.Further there is a marking of all technological holes for fastening the visor.Doing this is very sure that during installation no unforeseen situation.After that, according to the markup using a punch to punch.The visor is fastened with dowels or anchors above the block.

Important!Holes for fasteners must be deep enough so that the visor firmly and securely held.

After completing the installation, you receive the following security features:

  • protection against freezing of ice;
  • protection from precipitation;
  • Protection against falling ice and icicles;
  • Fall protection of old plaster and tiles in older homes.