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August 12, 2017 18:07

Canopy on the pipe - the aesthetics and practicality of their own hands

which requires the visor on the pipe?

Installation visor allows you to not only block the way of precipitation, but also to protect the smoke from the wind, which prevents reverse blowing, which is often found in suburban baths.It is not necessary to order the visor or buy it from a retailer, there is enough advice and schemes on the Internet that will help cope with the problem on their own.

First of all, before you start you need to choose the right material from which the element is manufactured.The fact that certain embodiments withstand stronger load, but some wind and easily amenable flies.Of course, the reliability of the design will depend entirely on the quality of the job done, but well-chosen material can also help to save the result.

Selection and preparation of material

To date, the most popular options are visors for pipes polycarbonate.Modern material is easy to use, pretty good bend.If you want to make a complex version of the visor, it is better to use polycarbonate.

In this case, the visor on the tube with your hands can make in just a couple of evenings.The second most popular material is iron.Despite their obvious drawbacks - the susceptibility to corrosion and oxidation, iron structures regularly appear on the new homes.

If you want to work with the gas pipe, above all, be sure to create a professional project and to coordinate it with the gas companies.Often in such pipes falling birds, but when improperly installed and the products of combustion can not be removed from the premises, which will create an unsafe situation.

Before the work necessary to carefully inspect the pipe itself, to remove trapped inside small branches, leaves.

Depending on the material from which it is planned to construct visor, cloth is taken, special guides, better iron, and carving tools.Calculation of schemes for cutting produce, depending on the size of the pipe and its radius.

Special grids installed between the roof canopy and its base will protect the pipe from falling debris.Now visor on the chimney is imperative to maintain the security of the house, heated independently.

recommendations for successful work

begin work need to conduct measurements, the base hood tight to the tube, so that the visor is transformed into a kind of attachment.There are many different models that will be appropriate in a particular case.

If a person is taken for making the most simple visor-house, just need to cut out of sheet metal base, tight to the pipe 4 reliable backups, the height of which defines the area, smoke-and triangular "roof".

Construction elements made with the expectation that the "roof" will cover the full pipe and ejected laterally by 4-5 centimeters. To understand how to make a canopy over the pipe, it suffices to study the scheme of creating a triangular overhang and further pririsovat support elements.

Fastening parts is best done not in place, and the room to be able to closely monitor the correct connections.Attaching to the pipe is carried out by means of metal rings, iron washers, some experts recommend to use construction adhesive, insensitive to high temperatures.