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August 12, 2017 18:07

Carport with their own hands - a small detail for greater comfort

What are the shelters?

Recently, the construction of shelters occurs spontaneously, as a rule, workers use metal plates and simple design: easy to work with them, they are much cheaper than the stone sheds.

However, each option has its pros and cons, so the strength of the stone version is much higher than iron or plastic.Such an addition would make the entry into a country house or a private house more secure.

There are straight, triangular options and so-called "ramp" roof, which often can be seen above the garages and outbuildings.Variants of the metal sheets have a bizarre shape, they can be rounded, which helps protect the surface from precipitation, especially snow.

construction features canopies

To understand how to make the canopy is necessary to accurately determine the options for the future canopy.First of all, it is necessary to answer the question why additional construction detail.If the objective is the car visor protection from rain and sun, you can get started with the basics

of metal and polycarbonate.The material provides excellent resistance to stress and is insensitive to sunlight.

Thinking about how to build a shed, it is useful to consider existing schemes making elements.Today, the right foundation can be ordered from the experts, specifying all sizes.After assembly and installation design will sheathe material.

Modern building canopies - the process is quite fast, but if a triangular visor enough to make a solid foundation with three horizontal legs parallel to the ground, in the case of complex shapes designs will have to work longer.

How to build a shed on their own?

to conduct independent work required welding machine and Bulgarian firmly connect with the base material will drill, and to establish a structure will need to use the hammer.Any design canopy must be made according to the drawings and in accordance with the calculations, otherwise the builder risks to get a rough structure, which may soon collapse.

Screws help securely fasten wallboard and additional fixing compositions (liquid nails) give a guarantee of safety.

Generally, each canopy structure is designed for a specific load, if a person is not sure that the item will withstand the weight of snow or wind, it is better to abandon the idea, and look for a more durable option.Perform canopy payment only in accordance with the assembly diagrams and given the characteristics of the material with which the work is performed.

As a rule, the canopy device is quite simple, the main difficulty lies in precise harvesting of individual elements, which are then bonded into a single structure.Important several times to measure the length of metal poles, before you start welding, as well as to understand whether or not to close the door completely design or will cover only part of it.

itself installing canopies takes a couple of hours (depending on the element size).The best way to begin to solve the problem in the summer or early autumn, when the weather does not present any unpleasant surprises in the form of snow or rain.

Conduct mounting canopies and stands in the calm, clear weather, because the holes and recesses should not be exposed to water.Note that the large value of sheds installation must be carried out using special lifts and constructions.

qualitative consolidation and conduct installation works - a guarantee that the canopy will last a long time.The cut elements are fastened by means of welding apparatus;to make the structure of unusual shape, use the grinders and the construction line is enough.

direct mounting canopy can be carried out only after the entire structure will be assembled, including wallboard.Work "on weight" does not give a good result, the builder can inadvertently shift the element and thus damage the entire structure.