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August 12, 2017 18:07

Canopy above the door - a stationary probe substitute at the entrance

What a canopy over the door is better?

Before choose their perfect canopy over the entrance, let us ponder, and what they are generally divided according to what criteria.Perhaps, basic classification falls on indicators such as transparency .

other words, the canopy over the entrance door can be totally transparent and protected only by precipitation, but not from the sun (and whether it needs protection from them at the very entrance to the house).Also, carports can be translucent, such as frosted glass and polycarbonate, or completely opaque - and metal tile.

By design input visors are divided into awnings (retractable), baskets (folding) and rigid design with no moving parts.If we take as the basis when choosing the material, there is a variety of more than rich: metal, wood, brick, and concrete (supporting columns), plastic.

And finally, if you pay more attention to design, preference can be given to a forged, classic wood and stone, as well as futuristic designs and skeletons in high-tech sty


Why are door canopies?

question, of course, quite rhetorical.Well, what else can pursue the goal, raising over the entrance canopy, it does not protect from the rain.After all, in order to open the umbrella, you need to step over the threshold under the shower, and created a kind of buffer zone, which can be solved, it really needs an umbrella, and if you really can not do without it - safely open it.

Entrance canopies do not allow snow to fall asleep porch, blocking the front door high snowdrifts .From the sun sometimes cornice also does not hurt, especially for those who do not think smoking is a bad habit, but because of circumstances at home to indulge his weakness can not.

But do not forget about the aesthetic factor.Here, for example, two houses side by side, one - from the mowing leaky canopy of polyethylene-covered wooden slats, and the other - a beautiful slender columns in the Renaissance style and the roof of metal.

And, for example, is moving down the street crew of a talk show in search of a random object (the situation is impossible in principle, but this is just an example).If this program is "Repair School", then rest assured, they are unsightly folded to the front door, and if the program "Home and Garden", then surely stop by zealous owners.That is, the door canopies reflect the well-being of residents.

canopy over the front door - the simplest solutions

visor usually is quite small design, which does not want to spend too much time and effort.So what are the awnings over the front door to make the easiest way?The answer to this question can only be based on the existing assets at your disposal.

If you have a porch with a durable metal pearls, to him it would be convenient to weld forged design for a pass or just two pipes to the top of the frame, on which lay a metal.

Polycarbonate as a shelter skips scattered sunlight, preventing the ultraviolet rays.

If all the steps of two stages or non-existent, the easiest option is the visor securing directly to the wall.You can choose a primitive but very effective design of a triangle when the long leg is a rafter for roof, a short fixed to the wall, and the hypotenuse serves as a spacer.

Two of these triangles connected by a cross-beam, it may keep the canopy of a lightweight material, such as polycarbonate sheet or profile.