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August 12, 2017 18:07

As constructed canopies of metal sheets ?

Canopies of metal sheets - the simpler, the better

Because at home or even in the equipped, but non-professional workshop somewhere in the garage to process the metal is difficult, especially if you want it to stick, usually design of itgoing as simple as possible.

course, this lost aesthetic, but it is always neglected in favor of reliability and durability.The basis of all - of the support tube diameter of 80 mm and a length of 2.5-3 m, in an amount of 6.4 units.Also, we need the same number of scraps pipe diameter of 83 mm, they can be taken from the waste.

pipe wall thickness should correspond to the canopy of the expected load proportional to the constructions.

Cooking area, carefully leveling it and ramming at the perimeter of the dig grooves for pipes, in 2 rows by 2 or 3 hole depth of 50 cm, so as to obtain a flat rectangle.Then prepare the pipe.We take our bearings and insert them at one end trim to "vosmidesyatki" does not protrude from the other side.

Now you can think about it, because

canopies of metal sheets are fixed or dismantled .If you choose the first option, connect with supports welded pruning, if the second - bolts, holes have been drilled in the top of the cuttings, pierce the same time and support.Now we set the rack received in the hole and fill the pre-prepared concrete composition.

Putting a light canopy of metal sheets with his hands

So, pad, pits and the support we already have, you just think of how many rays will have a canopy, and how to build, since the work with metal much harder wood processing.Options for installing crossbars few.For dismantled canopy - welded to the square profile on one side of the tube short cylinder with a diameter of 83 mm, which will need to be drilled through holes.

Cylinders should be placed so that with their help it was possible to put on the profile support.Such structures must have two connections for two rows of racks.By locating the holes in the drill cylinders are the same in the upper ends of the supports skip and bolts through both tubes.Instead, the cylinder may be welded to the crossbars of the plate with holes, but this compound is less reliable.

It is logical that if we do not folding canopy, just cross welds to the posts and throw this problem out of his head.With regard to the rafters, they can be collected from the tee or duralumin aluminum bracket.It is also advisable to use a wooden block, but if you want to build a canopy of metal sheets with his hands without timber, this option is not necessary.

T-rafters can be of any shape, although the arc of the bent profile is quite difficult, it is easier to perform such an operation with the area, having made at regular intervals small triangular cutouts in one of the shelves.

Installation of the roof structure on the profile

As for the roof overhang perfectly proved himself polycarbonate, it is this material Croutes stop and even market pavilions.Attach it to a prepared frame is very simple, just drill a hole between the stiffener and insert the bolts and washers and rubber gaskets underneath.

The polycarbonate is still good - it's great bend, but if one or gable roof, it is not necessary to stick to anything, smooth sheets are laid on the prepared rafters.

installing rafters, make sure that the roof overhang was wider area of ​​the supports to form at the edges of roofs, from which during the rain water jet would flowed as far as possible from the concrete foundation pillars. around the canopy is desirable to make the chute with a tap of rain water, so as not to heat a little support.

If you want to build for canopy protection from the wind, in case of parking underneath the vehicle, to the uprights fastened battens made of the same square profile, that was used as the support crosspieces and on it is mounted the material used for the roof, whether profileor polycarbonate.