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August 12, 2017 18:07

As the most efficient use of tree canopies ?

Sheds made of wood for a variety of needs

Sometimes, working in the garden or in the garden, do not pay attention to the dark clouds, and then when I gush rain, it is necessary and to shelter him to find (and better home to run)and garden tools to protect from moisture.And here's the handy prudently installed near the cultivated areas of the canopy, small, even a meter or two, with latticed walls and elevated above ground wooden floor.

to shelter from bad weather car roof construction need more reliable, so that the sides are not the wind blew the rain, and snow flooring such a large area of ​​its weight without selling.And for the same grill canopy must not be less than thorough. The spacious roofed, the more supports (4 to 8) is necessary in order to keep its roof, not to mention the rafters and purlins .

canopy construction resembles the construction home, with the only difference being that we pass from the foundation to the roof immediately, bypassing the wall with attendant window and door ope

nings.It is desirable to prepare the site on a small hill, natural or artificial, so that during the rains the water flowed from the canopy, not under it.

However, if it is possible, it is best to make a roofed platform of planks laid on the joists, this option is most convenient to recreational areas (also possible to lay turf).For the car, wood, tools, garden machinery or small area can be tiled, pour asphalt or concreted.

What distinguishes wooden sheds from metal?

not require proof of the fact that the wood is most easily treated, among other materials used for construction. Wooden sheds are built with a minimum of tools, that is unlikely to succeed when working with metal .So, for example, using only a hacksaw and a hammer with nails, it is possible to build a decent design of timber and beams.

While metal constructions require not only professional tools in all its diversity, but also the welding machine.Roof boards do not necessarily enough to use wood for building construction frame, and lay on top can be polycarbonate or the same metal sheet.

If the canopy is detached, it needs to focus on the leeward side (from whence the wind blows less often), and if a number of outbuildings, pent roof should be sloped away from them.

Of course, the tree requires annual maintenance, but also built and repaired shed from this material very quickly and without much effort.However, and varnish or paint shed every spring not make much effort.Also, wood, if it is left in its natural state, not painted and not covered with mastic, require periodic processing antiseptics that protect against fungus and wood borers.

However, the metal requires considerable attention to itself, especially since the rust destroys it much faster than wood fungus.The rest of the tree gives you a head start to many materials: it is not afraid to temperature changes (although severe frosts crack), moisture is absorbed easily protect its water-repellent solutions and fire - retardants.

Visors wood - what is their practicality?

When it comes to the tree in the first place is always celebrated ease of processing.Needless to say, it is much easier to drill the wood, rather than metal.That is why many people prefer wooden visors, because they are not easy to fix on the wall above the door.

This wood is characterized by high aesthetics, it is warm, and having a fresh cut, are also issues with anything not comparable scent.Metal fans can say that the wood does not bend like steel, but why stick to a bar (although it is possible after a long soak), when you can get the item any curvature of several separate elements bent.

Working with wood structures provides high speed of assembly.For example, metal canopy to collect a few days, and the timber can be put together in a few hours without any help.Roofs made of wood can take many forms: Shed, dual, half (the same bent elements or arc cut from boards), with supports as derivatives overhang.

By the way, working with wood, metal-free do still does not work, ancient architecture, where all buildings were built without a single nail, already fairly is forgotten.Therefore, you will in any case need screws, nails, brackets and arms, especially when installing the rafters.