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August 12, 2017 18:07

Roofs made ​​of glass as a reliable protection from the weather

Such strong visors glass

We all know that there is safety glass, but to see it first hand is far from many, usually we see this material, or the whole windows or broken on the street (or at home if you do notlucky).Although more and more can be seen clear or unclear visors glass above the main entrance to the offices or large shops.Held metal rods or brackets strung cables, these shelters look organically in the building of any type.

fixing rods made of stainless steel and have a diameter of 12 millimeters.Cables for glass visors manufactured from the same material have a diameter of from 6 to 36 millimeters and often by a special tube together into a bundle.

Under special dimensional structures of many question arises whether they are reliable.Of course, the exact calculation is present in the manufacture and installation of awnings.As for the glass, it is similar to that found in a windshield in many machines - triplex coated on both sides with a transparent, but very thin film.Even if for some re

ason it is broken, it is not osypletsya down fragments, and only turn into a fracture network.

What holds glass canopies?

addition to rods and ropes, on which the glass is literally suspended, there are tabs that secure the awnings to the walls of buildings with the help of anchors.I must say, device clamps is very well thought out, down to the fact that there are different models of fasteners for different glass thickness.The basic form factors curtain accessories - Ruthelen that are inserted directly into the holes made in a transparent canopy, and holders, join Ruthelen, and having one or two hinges (with or without hinges).However

and cables must somehow be attached to the walls, and for this there is a separate range of accessories.So, in order to cable or rod was firmly fixed on the wall, there is a special attachment with a hook for stretching.The opposite end of the cable or rod must be attached to a special kind of fittings such as "earring", which coincides with the Ruthelen.Stretch marks are supplied with the appropriate tips.

to be aware of glass canopies?

As has been said, to glass roofs in strength not inferior to a metal roof, they are made by special technology in three versions: triplexes, gnutozakalennye glass and, finally, triplexes of tempered glass is the strongest. usual triplex made of simple, fragile silicate glasses, but due to their bonding with the help of a special kind of film, transparent and heavy-duty , a layered "cake" very good resistance to impact.

Accordingly, layers of tempered glass Triplex reported particular strength, use this option to obtain a particularly large area sheds.As even its own weight of the canopy is already a considerable load, it does not make a monolithic and assembled from several fragments, connecting bracket, type "glass-glass", also based on the use Ruthelen.The larger canopy area, the greater the number of extensions and holders should be used.And, perhaps, too many of them can not be worse, if it turns a little clamps.