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August 12, 2017 18:07

The drain hole for a bath

Laying sewer

Laying of pipe is held at the stage of laying the foundation.It is located in the lower plane of the basement, in relation to the floor is provided a gradient bath.Pit a septic tank is necessary to dig at a distance of 3m from the foundation baths.

Laying of sewer

Drain paving follows:

  • edges of earth excavation needs to be strengthened - set formwork and concreted wall or installed w / w of the ring.
  • bottom of the pit is filled with gravel to provide seepage drains into the soil, and the upper part is equipped overlap with the supply pipeline
  • sewer line should be straight in order to avoid the accumulation of precipitation and the formation of blockages
  • When the drain and water supply line mounted, floor bath concretedwith a bias towards the pipeline
  • drain hole is equipped with a mesh membrane to prevent clogging of the pipeline
  • When the cement hardening process is completed, the floor tile is laid, which is covered with wooden bars, which make comfortable moving in the bath room.If the r
    ight to organize the construction of the foundations and laying floors, insulation should not be required in view of the high thermal conductivity materials.

Laying of sewer

If provided with the necessary slope of the drain pipe in the direction of the septic tank to insulate it, too, is not necessary.

schemes construction drainage pit

metal drum as the basis for a septic tank.The drain hole for a bath of this design is very similar to the device of drainage wells.For the construction of the reservoir must be cask volume of 0.2 cubic meters.

on the design manual:

  • The walls of the barrels is done perforation.With drill hole cut, which is located at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other.Character accommodation - chess.
  • bottom of the barrel is equipped with a pipe, is connected to the drain pipe couplings, pipe entering the place is sealed with silicone inside and outside.
  • Drum covered geotextile material on all sides to ensure the prevention of ingress into the tank of large inclusions and divert waste water efficiently.
  • twine or tape attached geotextiles.By covering up the surface of the barrel is necessary to provide a snug fit of the material to the upper part, as well as the nozzle entry space left free.

Mount Technology:

  • Earthworks for the construction of a septic tank are carried out in the immediate vicinity of the discharge of waste water, the pit size should be with a certain oversize relative to the reservoir
  • size on the bottom of the pit is filled with gravel cushion layer whose width 20-30 centimeters, it put the barrel nozzle upwards.
  • pit is filled with gravel, is fed to the sewer device.

Schemes construction drain hole

drain hole for a bath of plastic barrels.Containers made of polyethylene as used for the construction of septic tanks.For the construction of two-chamber septic tank need two drums respectively: the first is the settler tank to precipitate solid and suspended particles, and the second - an additional filter.

Effluent passes from the first chamber to the second through the overflow pipe, equipped with a biological filter of sand and gravel, through which the water seeps into the soil.Barrel cover impregnated biological protective agent and close the tanks.

to a septic tank of the device must be connected drains of the different rooms baths, which is connected to the collector, which is connected to a septic tank, using a tee.Also, it is necessary to equip the door for maintenance and repair of pipelines.Implementation of these recommendations will allow to build a durable and reliable sewer system.

Schemes construction drain hole

distinctive feature of plastic containers used for the construction of a septic tank, is the stability of the material to external influences, so choosing its sewerage system is durable and reliable.

Filtration site for

land can be equipped with sewer filtration fields, diverting drains throughout the area of ​​the site.The system consists of a network of perforated pipes, which discharge waste water, the tank-distributor, to whom is equipped with a drain hole for a bath with metering device.

through a special sewage pipeline pass through drainage pipes placed under the ground and are absorbed into the soil.Pipes laid at a depth of 0.8 to 1.5m.but also should take into account the level of groundwater - between that mark and the pipe must be maintained at a minimum distance meter.

Filtration area underground

From the options you need to select the most appropriate from the point of view of both technical characteristics and the material component.Proper construction of the sewerage system for the bath will make the holiday cottage comfortable and enjoyable.