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August 12, 2017 18:07

Design and construction of a bath of foam concrete blocks

baths Project: the main points

to build a sauna high quality, it is desirable to explore the rough plan of its construction.Thus, the construction of a bath of foam blocks is performed on the following items:

  1. project development and approval.
  2. construction of foundations, walls and roofs.
  3. Internal and external finishing bath of foam blocks.

The project baths : the main points


baths construction project sketch should not resemble a primitive garage.Currently online on specialized sites, you can find the original photo projects bath of foam blocks.The photo may show even the most unusual plans, for example, odd-shaped room, with built-in garage, billiard room or gazebo attached to the steam room.There are projects-bath house in which only part of the house.The most popular projects are:

Development of the project baths

  • - bath 6x6;
  • - bath 6x4;
  • - a two-story bath.

baths feature of the foam blocks is that working with such material can be independently developed its own project.On the Internet page contains enough free baths projects.In

the case where free projects do not suit you, you can contact the experts who will provide ready-made projects, where such aspects will be provided as drainage, electricity and ventilation.However, when using free foam projects not concede designed to order.

Development of the project baths

Construction of the baths of foam blocks: foundation, walls, roof

foundation should not be too strong, because the foam is light enough material.On it is recommended to lay the waterproofing material is needed to prevent moisture from entering the premises.

Construction of the baths of foam blocks : foundation, walls , roof

When the first phase is completed, it is necessary to begin the erection of walls.For the first series is best to use a very dense material and consolidate its cement mixture.To fix the foam block has the following rows, you can use adhesive mixtures.During installation it is necessary to follow the alternating horizontal and vertical level masonry.

Next you need to set the rafters for the roof, a layer of foam.It is important that the roof bath had at least two vents.Outside roof cover Decking and fronton, usually sheathe roofing material.In order to learn all the details, it is recommended to watch the video of the bath foam blocks.These videos can be found on specialized sites.

Construction of the baths of foam blocks : foundation, walls , roof

Finish bath of foam blocks

lining (internal or external) - a necessary condition for a good result.Firstly, it is necessary to carry out waterproofing surface.For outdoor decoration suitable curtain walls with ventilation that prevent moisture accumulation.

Finishing bath of foam blocks

Indoors for vapor barrier should be used vapor barrier membrane.For interior decoration mainly used coniferous wood (spruce or pine), plastic paint or ceramic tile.The most popular facing materials for the pair is considered aspen or lime, with no properties to deteriorate.They are also great to keep the temperature.

The easiest way to build a bath of foam block under the key.Construction of the baths of foam blocks under the key has one great advantage: no need to waste time dealing with many issues, but the price will be higher.It will depend on the size of buildings, the level of complexity of designs, as well as the terms for which builders must carry out the work.

Finishing bath of foam blocks

ordering the construction of a bath from the experts, you need to know in advance the price.The average price per 1 m2 size 6x6 bath is in the range of 18-25 thousand rubles.