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August 12, 2017 18:07

How should the room be built from foam block with your hands : the recommendations and steps

Construction foundation

If you are interested in how to build a bath of foam blocks with a ready project, keep in mind - you need to start with the foundation.There are as follows:

Construction of foundation

  1. Dig a trench;
  2. the corners of the pit with the help of a laser level pins;
  3. The entire length of the foundation of the future drive in the intermediate pins (the distance between them should be about 2 m);
  4. Collect special frame of the valve;
  5. Install formwork, lay a layer of insulation, and concrete is poured;
  6. After drying concrete paving sewer pipes.

This is one of the most important stages of construction, and the person who is interested in how to build a bath of foam blocks, should come to his organization responsibly.It very much depends on the quality of performance and strength of the foundation.

Construction of foundation

How to build and insulate the walls of the foam block

bath next step is the construction of the walls of the building.And by this time the cement must already fully harden.Proceed according to the scheme:

How to build and insulate the walls of the bath foam block

Performing waterproofing walls.

To do this it is advisable to use roofing felt and bitumen.With the thermal insulation materials, be careful - not without reason, experts advise a person of interest, as the warm bath of foam blocks, a very serious approach to the selection of heaters.They should be vapor-permeable, non-flammable, environmentally friendly and resistant to proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Implementation of the waterproofing of walls .

Laying pre-selected blocks.

Air blocks must be put on the edge, watching closely thick seams (it should be small).Also keep in mind that experts recommend to use in the process of mounting a special masonry grid.

Laying pre-selected blocks .

Subtleties of the construction of the roof

very serious person who is interested in how to make a bath of foam blocks, must come to an apparatus and its roof.Its main element will mauerla made of boards, the size of which is 15H5 see. With regard to the rafters, for them it is recommended to use the size of the board 10x4 cm, and the distance between the rafters should be 1.02 m.

Subtleties of the construction of the roof

also important to construct a crate- for this purpose, the board size 10h2,5 see that set at a distance of 50 cm from each other.And of course, in the process of installation of the roof must be made rough floor and rough ceiling attic.And the rough ceiling is recommended to insulate foam.And to cope with the implementation of all these works can any consumer - it is only important to understand all the nuances of how to build a bath of foam blocks from the foundation to the roof and to master certain skills.

Subtleties of the construction of the roof

Finishing construction

Of course, it is impossible not to note that the bath with foam blocks with their hands - it is not only external, but also internal finishing.In particular, in the building have to be steam heater mounted.And also it is important to mount the doors and windows, perform the decoration of walls, ceiling and floor, arrange ventilation, etc.And all this work should be carried out at the highest level of quality and always in compliance with safety regulations.

Interior finishing facilities