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August 12, 2017 18:07

Skirting boards for carpet - in perfect harmony with the interior

The characteristics of the material

plinth under the carpet - it is a special form of plastic base, often L-shaped cross-section.It is narrow ledge bent down and painted, and the wide, front supplied with adhesive tape for adhering the carpet.In fact, this is the slot in which to insert pre-cut to fit the carpet strip.As a result, it turns out the element with the same texture and color as the floor.He produced two types - with ribs and without them.In the first case attachment screws is due, in the second - using an adhesive.

Note!In the West, such a fitting finishing system used for many years and is very popular.

As you can see, the main advantage of this plinth is a combination of its maximum with the floor covering, he actually keeps his.Unlike other species that are at the wrong choice of discord with the floor and the general situation in the room, the carpet skirting for a harmonious one hundred percent.

How to mount the plinth for the carpet?

Carpet plinth rails produced a length of t

wo and a half meters.This is convenient for its assembly, since there is a minimum of connections, which increases its strength.If necessary, it can be easily cut with a hacksaw on the dates along the length of the elements.Installation is very simple, so that it can be done independently, without special skills, referring to the presence of only the most basic tools.For installation needed:

  • Hacksaw for cutting pieces of material required;
  • meter for measurements;
  • Screwdriver;
  • sharp knife construction;
  • Self.

Before starting work, make sure that the wall is smooth, otherwise the bracket will fit loosely, and any gaps.The perfect evenness walls do not necessarily important to avoid peaks and troughs than 5 millimeters.If they have, it is best to align their putty.After that, cut the plinth to the necessary length of the elements.The joints of the upper corners should be cut diagonally shelves so that they firmly docked.Next, the plinth is attached with screws in increments of 50 cm.The next step is cutting the carpet at baseboards width, to insert it into the slot.

Important!When cutting, be aware that the carpet joints should not converge at the corners of the walls.

Tips for Choosing

Choice plinths for carpet - it is simple, as a special distribution to our market, it has not.As mentioned above, they are presented with severe and without ribs.From the point of view of aesthetics is better to choose the second option, because at first the carpet is attached with screws.Of course, in the future, you can cover the screws lining, but it is more laborious work.The height of the plinth you can choose any, at your discretion.

addition to special plinths for carpet, you can still find plastic skirting boards, MDF and other materials.This will depend on your pans in the design of the room.Regardless of the type of the plinth, it must be possible from time to time to take it off in order to clean the carpet, so the mount must be reliable, not to break during removal, and quite easy to dismantle.

Note! Another "yes" in favor of a plinth with duct tape appears that when removing carpet strip remains in place, as opposed to the other way of fixing.