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August 12, 2017 18:07

Polished marble - how not to spoil the natural charm ?

General principles repair

marble stone processing technology allows to make out of it a lot of things, ranging from flooring and finishing with fine paintings, which are usually placed on vertical surfaces.But, anyway, after the roughing operation is needed marble polishing, it is performed to remove a variety of possible damage to the mechanical nature, such as chips and minor scratches.

It is performed by a special machine with nozzles, suitable for the work of such a plan.Then, to give a glossy shine using wax for marble and soft cloth, wipe the sanded surface.But this method is applied in eliminating small defects.

Preparation for polishing marble

In most cases, when the need polishing marble and granite, apply the technology described below.To perform all work necessary to stock up on the following set of tools:

  • specialized machine that allows perform polishing of stone;
  • adhesive consisting of two components;
  • nail marble, to perform the finishing stone finishes;
  • set of abrasives of
    varying size;
  • electric drill with a set of special nozzles for use on stone.

Due to the presence of the entire arsenal, you can begin to perform work.It is necessary to assess the state of the surface of the marble.If the damage is significant, and these include the chips and cracks, it is recommended to polish the surface of a large abrasive.

For this fit the sandpaper with a specific number.To perform work on large surfaces using a grinding, vertical shelves - electric drill.If we are talking about the statues of stone or small decor items, work in this case it is carried out manually, using sandpaper.

How to polish marble stone right?

When the preparatory work behind, move on to the embedding of existing potholes.To do this, apply glue, which is filled with flaws.Then grind the pre-moistened surface with fine sandpaper.Experts note that the key marble gloss is a gradual decrease in the number, use an abrasive finishing touches to the smallest version of the paper.

Thereafter, the treated surface is cleaned from the fine particles of stone, remaining after work, and thoroughly washed with water and a cloth.Surface pre-dried before use marble wax, it is recommended to crystallize.

This is a process in which marble is applied to a special chemically active substance.Chemical acid treated marble surface again washed with warm water and dried.If we ignore this process can be obtained turbidity surface.Then proceeds to finish.Polished with all the rules of marbles will last more than one decade.

Modern marble polishing technology allows us to give the stone the desired shade.There is also a great opportunity to fulfill the effect of wet stone.Grinding and polishing of marble at the proper level it can only be performed by trained service technicians in the field, because the noble stone needs professional treatment.